How Are Solar Panels Affected by Weather?

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Professional cleaner in protective workwear cleaning solar panels with a mob. Concept of solar power plant cleaning service

One of the most common questions that many solar panel installation professionals receive is just how much a solar installation is affected by weather. If you are interested in seeing the difference that weather will make with your solar system, here are some of the top ways that a solar cell can be affected by the weather:

Cold Weather

The performance of a solar cell in cold weather can come down to exposure with ultraviolet rays. If the sun is shining on the panel, it will produce more energy and this is not always the case in colder months.

High Winds

Solar panels are designed with toughness in mind. Most installations can stand up to a hurricane if need be. With rigorous testing for tropical storms, solar panels can hold strong but will require inspection after storms to make sure they have retained their position and to remove any debris that has collected.

Hail and Debris

In difficult situations where your solar panels are hit with debris and hail, your solar panels will endure. A panel is not overly fragile and even when it gets hit with debris or hail, it is likely to withstand with ease. You can have confidence in the newest solar panels on the market because they will be able to hold up on your property throughout almost any condition.

Contact us today if you have any questions on how solar panels may have been affected or if you could use an inspection of your solar panels.

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