Designing A Patio For Multiple Functions

Designing A Patio For Multiple Functions

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Relaxing on your patio is often enjoyable at any time of the year. Your patio can be an oasis where you spend time alone or with your family members. It can also be an area where you entertain or host special events. When you’re designing this addition to your home, there are a few ideas that you can consider to achieve a look that blends well with your personality as well as the exterior components of your home. 

If you have space, then consider a multi-level patio. One area could be for lounging while the other level could be for entertaining and feature a grill or bar. A water feature can easily be added to a multi-level patio as it can flow from the top to the bottom with ease. Concrete steps connect each level, and you can position large rocks beside the steps for a natural impact. Companies that design any patios st louis mo offers can pour concrete on each level so that there is a solid surface for each function of the patio. One area could also feature a fire pit while the other level could include comfortable seating options so that you can enjoy the fire when you’re outside. 

A pool is a nice amenity to have in your yard, but you might find that you need a place to lounge when you’re not in the water. Create a beautiful patio area that is covered so that you’re in the shade while you’re outside, keeping you from getting too hot until you can get back in the water. You can also create an area with a table and chairs for when you want a snack or if you’re serving a meal outdoors by the pool. 

Entertaining means that you need to have a spacious environment, especially if you plan to entertain outside. A kitchen built on your patio gives you all of the tools that you need for preparing all types of meals and for serving beverages. Design a bar with stools for an intimate gathering or a larger sitting area with a table and chairs or benches if you enjoy having a lot of people at your home when you’re entertaining. When you’re creating the patio surface, you could use pavers or bricks that are set in a pattern for a tidy appearance and one that showcases your personality. 

Take your patio to the next level with a modern landscaping design. This is an option to consider if you have a smaller yard as you can focus on the appearance instead of the function. You can create a small dining area, but the focus should be on the plants, rocks, and other details that you incorporate. A small garden lined with stone or concrete and that features pebbles with various plants growing is a beautiful option to consider. The lighting is also an area that you want to focus on with this design as it can illuminate pathways and the features that you want to highlight instead of being positioned in a random design.

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