Planning Your Spring Garden and Yard Design

Planning Your Spring Garden and Yard Design

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The best time to start planning your spring yard redesign is during the boring winter months. You might find yourself dreaming of the snowing and ice melting and giving away to the warmer temperatures and blooming flowers. You will instantly feel hopeful and refreshed when you begin planning your spring flower beds and gardens. You can look at your yard as a completely blank slate during the cold winter months. While all of your plants are dormant you should snap a picture of your yard. This gives you a great starting point on how to map out new design plans and where to plant things. 

Print out your picture of your yard and then attach it to a sheet of paper. Draw out your yard under that snow covered picture. Map out any existing flower beds. If you remember what is in those flower beds be sure to label accordingly. If you have a dead space that is simply mulch or stone be sure to indicate that. 

Once you have a working map of your yard created you can make two lists. One list should include things you definitely want to plant and changes you want to make to your yard. If you have a patio space that is boring you may want to incorporate a large planter box. Be sure to make a list of your favorite types of flowers. If the planter box is large enough you could even grow some fresh herbs or vegetables right on your patio. If you need a new patio set or some new solar lights or other decorative touches to your yard be sure to mark those down on the “must do” list. It is also a good idea to refresh mulch and stone that is old and no longer beneficial. 

Create another column on your back yard map that includes your wish list. This is a project or purchase list of things you would love to splurge on if it will work within your time frame or budget. A wish list can include items such as a new shed, a greenhouse, a new garden space, new trees or bushes or the removal of trees or bushes. Retaining walls and decorative stone can also be added to this list. If you are looking for a stone that will blend in with nearly any landscape design, consider natural stone Denver CO. You can also find natural stone in virtually any city across the United States. 

A trip to a garden center will also get you in the spring yard renovation mood. You can usually begin finding seeds, potting soil, pots and starter sets in garden centers around February. If you have space in your home you can save some money by starting seedlings indoors. Taking care of plants and watching them grow will help overcome any winter blues you may be experiencing. There is a sense of peace when you begin working in the dirt again. Once the weather breaks and you can begin planting you can get your gardens turned and plant your seedlings.


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