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The Dungeness Crab meat is a delicacy, which will delight anybody with its rich flavor and sensitive surface. The meat in their groups, just as in body, is basically that heavenly.

Goliath Dungeness crabs possess enormous territories in Pacific sea, close to US and Canadian coasts. To keep new crab meat are generally kept solidified since they are cooked.

Their cost per pound is ascending alongside their expanding prevalence. In any case, with us you can get a top notch Dungeness crab available to be purchased on the web, in a solitary request you can get 20-32 bunches. Every one of the groups is 5-8oz, considering the huge size. Additionally note that bunches may comprise 10% divided leg. Every one of our crabs were trapped in Oregon and Washington State. The delivery weight is 10.0 lbs, considering dry ice to keep the temperature cool.

Alongside their undeniable favorable position, which is their taste, there are more incredible rewards to that. Here are a portion of the highlights that you can profit by:

  • Dungeness crab legs are too sound;
  • Their meat comprises of an extraordinary number of minerals and nutrients
  • The crab meat that arrives at your house is as new as could reasonably be expected, because of them being impact solidified.
  • The best crab cakes are produced using Seattle Dungeness crabs.

So in the event that you request Dungeness Crab online now, we will convey to you the most flavorful crabs you have ever attempted!


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