Getting A New Heating System in Your Home

In most homes, there are several systems that need to be kept in top running condition. This includes the electric and plumbing systems, air conditioning and heating. If any of these break down, it could cause several of the others to follow. To keep them running right, you will need to provide regular maintenance of them. If you find that your heating system is not working right, you will need to find a contractor to come in and repair or replace it. Look up heating installation Woodbridge VA either on the internet or in your phone book and you can get a contractor to come out and give you an estimate for the work to be done. 

What Should the Estimate Include 

When contractors come in to look at the work, they will assess whether it can be repaired or if you need to purchase a new system. If it requires repairs only, the contractor should include the price for parts and labor in the estimate. If you need to replace the entire system, they should include the cost for parts you will need, the price for a new burner and the labor costs involved. They should also give you an estimate for the time it will take to complete and any warranties that come with the work or the burner. 

Following Through on The Work 

Once you have determined what work will be done, repairs should begin immediately. Small repair jobs should take a day or less to complete. Replacing an entire unit will take longer. The new furnace needs to be ordered and delivered which could take a few weeks from the manufacturer. Once it is received, the contractor should come in and as quickly as possible, make the changeover to the new system. You should make sure that the work is done correctly and let the contractor know if you have any concerns. As far as the actual installation is concerned, it should take no longer than a few days to complete. 

HVAC contractors should be fully insured and they need to have certifications to be able to install a new unit. You can check their qualifications online at the Better Business Bureau. They can also provide you with the documentation if you ask. You may want to check with your town or city officials to find out if there are any permits needed to get the work done. This should be done as soon as possible as it may take several weeks for permits to be issued. The permits will need to be hung in an area that is visible to anyone passing on the street to show you have permission to do the work. Your contractor may also be able to get the required permits for you. They can normally push them through quicker than you could. Check with friends and relatives to get recommendations for contractors they have used and make sure you look at customer reviews for any company you hire.


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