Health Benefits and Building a Hanging Terrarium

Terrariums have many health benefits for consumers. Plant breathe oxygen into the air giving us cleaner air to breathe. A small or large terrarium in the home helps clean up the stale air people breathe due to air conditioning, heating, dust, allergies, and insulation. 

Plants naturally remove pollutants in the air that cause allergies and mold. These indoor plants often improve the decor of the room and promote the use of creativity. They bring peace of mind and a decorative touch to the workplace too. 

Another benefit is that they are easy to maintain and keep. Closed terrariums are easier to maintain and open ones too. An indoor terrarium is made of glass in different sizes and shapes. They come in different shapes with opening or closed completely. 

Other shapes are bowls, bubble-shaped, jars, pear-shaped, cubed, hexagon, triangular, and more. 

How to Make a Hanging Terrarium 

Making hanging terrariums is not that hard, when using a glass globe. Many garden centers and flower supply businesses sell glass containers to make terrariums. Where do you begin? 

The process starts by finding the right glass container for the project. A glass container with an opening allows for air flow to the plants. Keep the weight in the terrarium light when live in an apartment. Using moss and air plants skip the stones and dirt. Look for safe indoor air plants that are low maintenance. 

These plants just need to be assembled and watered. Often you can put two or three plants in a small glass container with the moss. Hanging the terrarium requires using a ceiling hook and drilling a small hole in the ceiling to screw it in. 

Hang the terrarium from this hook using beading cord, natural rope, or jute. Hang where there is light. Water every few weeks by removing your air plants and soaking them in a bowl of water for a few hours. Dry them and put them back. 

The supplies needed for a heavier terrarium needs are a glass container with an opening, rocks, pebbles, sand, potting soil, activated charcoal, hook, metallic clamp, or stand to hang it on. A plant sprayer comes in handy to spray water the plants. 

Start by laying down a thin layer of activated charcoal at the bottom. Mix some with your potting soil and add this to the container next. Decide which plants to use. Cutting should be dried out and ends callused before planting them in soil. 

Add decorative items to you soil small rocks, sand, or moss. First, add sand, then moss, pebbles, or twigs. Depending on the size opening you can use a small spoon to add sand and moss and, a straw to push items to the back or on the side. Use rope or string and hang from a hook in the ceiling, a stand, or fixture. 

They can be hung in windows from window catches and on the wall using hooks. Choosing the best plants for the terrarium depends on the type you plan to have. Here are some ideas on choosing them.


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