What to Know If You’re Trying to Erase Your Public Records

What to Know If You’re Trying to Erase Your Public Records

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Public records are a crucial part of learning more about someone. If you’re interested in looking someone up through a public record search engine, for example, you’re going to use public records to do it. What if you’re interested in , however? That’s when there can erasing your public records be some extra information that you may need to know. Here’s what you should know about the process of erasing public records.

1. Public Information on Social Media Profiles

Public records can include any kind of public information, which includes social media accounts. When it comes to information on your social media accounts, you’re mostly in charge of this. Social media accounts allow you to personalize what type of information is generally available, ranging from all the information you post to pretty much nothing except your name and profile picture.

If you want to make it more difficult for your information to be available, you’re going to have to increase your security options on your own social media profiles. If you’re extremely worried, you might need to completely lock down your social media profiles, making it so that only your friends can interact.

2. Public Information From Email Accounts

Email accounts are another way people might be able to glean information about you. Typically, this is because people can connect different accounts with a single email account, and by knowing that email account, someone may be able to connect the information from all those accounts.

The best way to avoid this is to go through your past history, then do your best to reduce whatever’s available from past accounts. You may be able to just do an internet search for your email account, you might be able to look through the emails coming to your account, or you might just be able to search around for usernames that you regularly used.

3. Public Information Coming From Official Records

Erasing public information that’s coming from official records is one of the most difficult parts of erasing public records. You may be able to request that an official record keeping group seal your information, which typically requires that you go to the government directly and request that your records are sealed. However, this typically isn’t available to the average individual.

You might also be able to request that public record search engine metasearch sites remove your data individually. Because record updates often happen regularly, you may need to request this removal regularly, so investing in a service that does this can be helpful.


It’s not easy to erase public records; after all, public records are typically driven by information that would be very difficult to erase completely. However, you can at least reduce the amount of access that many people have to your public records. If you’re looking to see how much information is available online, using a public record search engine can be helpful, as it will give you a blueprint for how much you’ll need to erase.

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