A Warmer Home Can Mean A Healthier Home

Every winter season there are millions of people all over the United States who face harsh and intense temperatures. In some areas of the country, temperatures can drastically drop far below zero degrees Fahrenheit. According to Current Results Weather and Science, the ten coldest states in America include the following: Alaska, North Dakota, Maine, Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana, Vermont, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Idaho. Many of these states can reach temperatures that average around six degrees Fahrenheit between the months of December and January. Interestingly, the state of Alaska has an average temperature of about -16.9 degrees Fahrenheit. The cold weather has been known to be the culprit to many mild to severe health issues for many people across the country. There has been several studies that also show that the cold temperatures are likely the cause for weakening the body’s immune system, which increases your risk for becoming ill with the influenza virus or the general common cold. Keeping your home warm during extreme temperatures can possibly reduce the risks for cold-related illnesses. 

Referring to Healthline, some of the top dangers that you may face with exposure to cold temperatures include: frostbitten areas of the body, a serious health condition referred to as hypothermia, increased heart rate, an increase in your blood pressure, increases your risk for a heart attack, dries out your skin and your mucus membranes, increases your risk for obesity and can also even cause depression. The cold winter season has been known to cause much more harm than good for many individuals. However, as long as you are proactive and prepared for the intense cold temperatures you should not be at any risk. Preparing for the winter season requires that you equip your home with an efficient furnace to properly heat your home. There are many benefits to take advantage of when using a standard furnace. 

Some of the greatest benefits to using a furnace is that many of them are energy efficient and affordable for many homes. The newer furnaces have new combustion technology that has improved their overall efficiency, heating your home better and reducing your utility costs. In addition, furnaces have been known to be extremely reliable, compared to heat pumps or electric heaters. You may also be able to save money with a furnace, since you will be relying less on regular maintenance repairs. If you are lacking a proper heating system in your home, then consider on opting for a furnace installation. You can reach out to your nearest furnace installation draper ut contractor. 

Depending on the state that you currently reside in, heating your home during the extreme cold winters is critical for your survival. Also, keeping your home warmer can allow you to reduce your risk for cold-related illnesses and other associated health issues. A warmer home can mean a healthier home for everyone to enjoy. Contact your nearest professional HVAC contractor to help you prepare for the harsh winter season.


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