Practical, Functional, and Stylish: The Ideal Blend for Home Decorating

The calendar has changed to year another new year and new opportunity to bring about positive change. Redecorating your home can bring new life into an area and create an entirely new feeling. The best changes are the ones that are both visually appealing, but also offer another useful purpose. Redecorating the entire house is a large undertaking, instead, tackle one room at a time to better provide care and focus to the changes rather than rushing. There are three essential tips for modern home decorating the updates should be functional, practical, and stylish. 


Put simply, functional home decoration means that the room can be used as intended. Make sure that there are clear and spacious paths for traffic in busy areas of the home. Also, take advantage of vertical space. Tall bookshelves, bunk beds, hanging plants, and wall shelving are examples of this. If there is a particular room that often seems cluttered that is an excellent place to begin redecorating. Throw away and donate items, to begin with, to free up space. Next, begin organizing items in bins, shelves, boxes, and so on. 


Furniture and decorations can be practical and chic at the same time. In the kitchen, for example, a copper saucepan can be hung on the wall or from a ceiling mounted pan rack. This is both modern, frees up cabinet space, and is easily accessible for when pans are needed for cooking. Shelves can be added in an office above the desk to allow for more organization of important papers. A bench that opens up into storage offers additional seating and ideal location for toys, photo books, blankets, and so on. There are countless practical and pleasant additions that will make a home flow better and be less cluttered. 


Nothing gives new life into a home like a fresh coat of paint. Consider adding a splash of color. Too many neutral shades are not eye-catching, but if that look is desired use contrasting colored furniture and accessories to really make the space pop. A theme can be selected for each room if desired, but be careful not to go overboard. A handful of wall accents or art combined with small knick-knacks showcase the theme very well. 

Flooring contributes to a home’s style. Changing the type of flooring can be expensive and a long process. If time and finances are limited then adding new rugs can change the appearance of dated flooring. Mix bright patterns and designs are available in many colors, textures, and sizes. 

Redecorating the home will not only leave it refreshed but if done correctly it can have other benefits. Functional changes take advantage of space and make clear walkways. Practical additions are both useful and visually appealing. Finally, a stylish finish adds character to the home. Colorful paint, accessories, art, and rugs contrast well with neutral shades. Begin with one room and progress to each room for a fresh start to the year.

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