Want To Live In A City Of “Days Gone By”?

Want To Live In A City Of “Days Gone By”?

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Whether or not, you have seen the iconic movie, “Gone with the Wind”, or not, you can still live it everyday, in Savannah Georgia. Savannah Georgia ia a beautiful old southern city, that has not lost it’s charm. Just look up real estate agents savannah ga, and you can be on your way to living a dream. 

Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia, having been established in 1733, along the Savannah River. When designing the city, they made each area blocks with parks in the center. Today there are 22 square parks, so you are sure to walk through one everywhere, in the historic district. The city has grown to have over 300,000 citizens, and is a major tourist destination. The historic district is stunning with its’ Georgian mansions, and explicit gardens, not to mention the beautiful tree lined streets, full of Granddaddy Oaks, and Magnolias. 

The climate is good, year round in Savannah. It is far enough South that the winters are generally mild, with temperatures in the low 60’s, and very rarely ever has snow. Summers can get humid and balmy, but not quite as bad as Florida, and you do get some ocean breezes. So if you are looking to get away from those harsh Northern Winters, head to Savannah. 

The average income for citizens of Savannah is about $57,000, which is not bad, and the unemployment rate is only 4%. The median home price is about $204,000, and the cost of living rate is 3% lower than the national average. Another great thing about Savannah is that the crime rate is only 3%, so you can feel fairly safe . 

The major industries for employment include food and beverage, hospitality and retail, due to the huge tourism market. Having a mild year round climate adds to the tourism industry. Construction employment follows closely behind the tourism market, then medical, eduction, manufacturing, and sales. There is no shortage of employment opportunities, should you decide to relocate to Savannah. 

What is there to do for fun? Savannah is home to many museums, art galleries, breweries, and even a botanical garden. But Savannahs best feature, is its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. With a sort 25 minute drive, you can be on Tybee Island, soaking in the rays, swimming, fishing, and crabbing. Take a kite, buckets, and frisbees to add to the sun. You can also go boating on the Savannah river. 

You have made the choice to relocate, now you need to find a place to live. You can choose a condominium, or a single family home. Prices start in the lowe 70′, and can reach as high as 2 1/2 million dollars. There are a huge assortment of realtors to pick, when searching for a home. Some specialize in the historic district if that is what you are looking for. Make sure to have a list of must haves before calling. Go ahead and give one a call today! 


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