Hauling Away Excess Materials From A Work Site

Hauling Away Excess Materials From A Work Site

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Some things best be burned, while some things just are not easily burned. If you have just completed a huge renovation on your property and have lost of wood, fiberglass, scraps, plywood leftovers, and other construction materials, which you have no place for at home you have to make a decision. Either you can call your local trash man to haul it away, but that kind of material there are very strict rules set down about what can be done with construction materials. Also, if you rent a hauler truck and bring it to the dumpster you local landfill may not allow lumber and construction materials. You will need to contact your local landfill to find out what are their restrictions.

Contracting Container Services

If you decide that it is better to let someone else take care of the extras you have after your construction you still have to make a choice. First, you have to estimate how much material you have to haul away. If your home is in Minneapolis do a internet search for any dumpster services Minneapolis Mn and the first page of results will normally provide you with the best services you can use. It is possible to use a calculator to arrive at a reasonable estimate of the cost of renting a container for your project.

Making Contact

Once you locate a service that can help you haul away your debris take time to gather some information before you call to get a quote for their professional services. Your dumpster service may cost between $200-1000 depending upon what kind of service you are wanting. Take a few minutes to get recommendations from friends, family or other businesses you respect. Take their advice and use it for your final decision. Until then decide upon how much space you will need to haul away the excess materials you want removed from your property. Is it 5,10, 15 or 20 yards of scraps and refuse? 

Getting a Quote

It is best to call the container rental company directly in order to get a quote. Also, if you plan to place the rented container on the street because of space limitations on your property be ready to pay for a permit to allow your container to stay on the street for a certain amount of time. After contacting 2-3 container rentals businesses you will have enough information to make a good decision. 

Advantages of Contracting a Hauling Service

An advantage of having another company take care of your waste materials is they have a list of vendors, landfills, and other places they work with which accept the kind of materials you are getting rid of form your property. The rental place will take care of bringing to your property the container. After it is loaded, they will retrieve it and haul away your unwanted trash. You will not have to pay for two services, but the whole service is just one flat fee. Most services will have time limitations on how long they will leave their containers with you. you will need to agree on the time limitations and costs. 


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