Learn How Fire Extinguishing Agents Work

Learn How Fire Extinguishing Agents Work

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In our day to day fire accidents keep happening due to a number of factors. These may include natural disasters like lightning; fire may also be caused by poorly dressed electric wires coming in contact, gas or fuel leaks among many others. Fire extinguishing has come as a great service to majorly save lives and save property if possible. The combination of oxygen in the air with fire and a medium to keep burning makes it hard to put the fire off. Fire is put off when either of the requirements for it to keep burning is limited or supply cut. This can be done by use of water, use of carbon dioxide, use of powder, and foam among others.

Fire Extinguishing As a Service

Organizations and governments have funded firms specializing in offering Fire extinguisher tacoma wa services for a small cost or under the governments’ payroll. These firms and organizations should be equipped with the latest techniques of fighting fires or the latest agents of putting fires off. Individuals working at these stations should be equipped with the necessary skills to survive and save lives in any situation smoothly. Fire accidents are emergency issues which need quick attention. This requires for all time preparedness of the organizations providing the services.

Fire Extinguishing In Relation To Buildings under Construction

During construction of any building, the construction phase leaves the houses vulnerable since they lack proper security of fire systems. Additional substances or standards that can lead to fires include the availability of many combustible materials during construction, the availability of ignition sources as open wires and other potential issues in relation to fire. To react to this, individuals must ensure that fire department are aware of the ongoing construction and proper inspection done to prevent any incidences which might result in fires.

Fire Extinguishing Using Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is put in cylinders under high pressure and a pin placed on the nozzle to prevent any leaks. Carbon dioxide works by creating a layer of unreacted gas since it does not support burning. This prevents oxygen from reacting hence putting the fire off. The carbon dioxide used for fire extinguishing is got from a mixture of concentrated sulfuric acid with a sodium bicarbonate solution. The gas is in a liquefied form to increase the amount a container can hold.

Fire Extinguishing Using Water

Water stored in containers hanged on pavements or walls is usually meant for use during emergencies. The water in the containers is under high pressure and the nozzle is directed into the burning fire to put it off. Water help put out the fire by changing its chemical composition. On reaching the fire, water is turned into steam which absorbs most heat in addition to displacing the air supporting the fire burn. More Advanced forms of putting the fire off using water are using a wetting agent. The wetting agent produces foam that prevents oxygen from reacting which aid to stop the fire from burning.


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