Let Your Light Shine Bright

Let Your Light Shine Bright

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Lighting is such an important element whether it be in the home or in the workplace, yet so many people disregard it and take it for granted. The right lighting can help set the mood and even make you look better by highlighting your key features while the wrong lighting can have an adverse effect. Having bad lighting can make you look older and if you have any lines in your face, no matter how faint, bad lighting will magnify those lines and dark circles making them appear worse than what they are. 

Though most homes have bright yellow lighting throughout, yellow lighting is actually one of the most unflattering light you can have. White light is the light that is closest to natural sunlight and is actually very forgiving when it comes to flaws on the face. This is why it is recommended to apply make-up in front of a window where your face can receive natural light as this will tell you the true color of the makeup application. Otherwise, just doing your makeup underneath the glow of yellow light may lead to you walking out of the house with an orange face and pale neck. 

Lighting is so important that there are people who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to have to a lighting system designed for their business. A prime example of the elements and effects of proper lighting is whenever you walk into a luxury boutique. Notice how the lighting is intentional and there is hardly any, if any, yellow light in the store. There is definitely recessed lights as well as many accent lights that highlight products and specific areas of the boutique.

However, having nice lighting isn’t just limited to boutiques and businesses and does not have to cost an arm and a leg. If you want your home to have a nice cozy ambiance with lighting that is soft, recessed lighting is a great and inexpensive way to go, simply search recessed lighting fredericksburg va to get an idea of the lighting designs available in your area. 

When it comes to designing your lighting, you can be as creative as you like. There aren’t rules when it comes to personal design almost in the same way there are no rules to art. However, for the best outcome, you should be mindful of how you intend to use the light, as well as the overall look and feel you are going for. Think about what type of lighting you would want for a number of different scenarios when coming up with your design. There are even lots of lighting fixtures that allow you to angle and direct the light to specific areas of your choosing.

If you are not quite sure about how you feel about recessed lights, then you can start by changing your bulbs. Just changing your bulbs will make such a difference in your lighting, ambiance and even your appearance.



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