PVC Fencing is The Best Decision You Can Ever Make

PVC Fencing is The Best Decision You Can Ever Make

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Natural wood – the traditional fencing solution. It adds great beauty to your home’s exterior; after all, though most people aren’t conscious, your fencing offers a great image of your property. However, the maintenance is hectic, not to mention the environmental degradation that you cause. An alternative, PVC fencing, is what you need; and it looks even more beautiful and colorful than wood. Recent years has seen PVC enter the arena, and with great force. You cannot walk a single yard without spotting PVC fencing in your neighborhood. PVC is a petroleum-based product. It has multiple uses in the building industry, but its latest adaptation as a material of choice for fencing is undoubtedly making an impact. 

What it Will Cost You 

You’ll definitely have to dig deeper into your pocket if you are looking into PVC fencing, but the expenses will go a long way. Different from wood, you get a maintenance-free material that doesn’t chip or fade. Averagely, your PVC fence installation is going to cost you $24 to $30 per linear foot. You will get this estimate from a professional fence installer based on the material cost and labor. Don’t forget there might be some hidden expenses like sales tax, permit and inspection fees that you need to cater for when doing any pvc fencing carlisle pa. Among your calculations, add a 20% additional cost to give you the best estimate. 

Types of PVC Fencing 

There are two types: virgin and recycled. They are both similar in quality but have some slight differences. The most common among PVC fencing seller is the virgin quality. This is made purely from PVC, plus other similarly structured compounds. Recycled, as the name suggests, comes from recycled plastic. Although they are a great option for fencing as well as conserving the environment, they are at times of inferior quality. In the recycling process, some impurities from the recaptured materials affect the end product’s resilience. How can you tell the difference? It can be a great challenge to tell one from the other by just looking at them when new. Well, the difference is in the thickness; virgin has more girth than the recycled version. Of course, the simplest way to tell the difference is to ask the supplier. 

Advantages of PVC Fencing 

Your PVC fence’s color will not change over time requiring repainting as does wood. Your white PVC fencing will stay white all year. When installing your fencing, you need a fast and less laborious process; PVC offers you this. Most PVC fences are designed for easy assembly. If you are doing a large fencing project that is covering a few acres, working with PVC will simplify the operation. You don’t have to concern yourself with maintenance when you have PVC fencing. It doesn’t decay, get stained or need painting. 

PVC is now the fencing material of choice for most homeowners. It had made great strides recently with additional colors, textured surface and more are destined to come. With rising supply, the price gap with wood is gradually narrowing.

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