Concrete and Epoxy Floor Resurfacing

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Installing new floors can typically be a costly and time-consuming process. Not everyone has the time or money to have their residential or commercial floors completely torn up and redone. If you are looking for floor surfacing Wichita KS has many reputable companies that can service your floors. 

Over time concrete floors and epoxy floors will begin to show natural wear and tear. These floors are very durable and last a long time before needing any maintenance. People typically use concrete floors and epoxy floors in high traffic areas such as garages, warehouses, stores and basements. Epoxy flooring is quickly becoming a new “go to” for flooring solutions. Many residential home owners are using epoxy in their basements and kitchens because of the durability and design flexibility. Epoxy can add quite a bit of contrast to basic concrete floors and make a cold and dark basement seem renovated and welcoming. 

If you notice chipping or cracking in your epoxy or concrete floors it is time to call in a trusted resurfacing company. You can ask for a resurfacing recommendation if you do not know of any local companies. Other businesses, colleagues or neighbors may be able to give you a referral. You can also turn to the internet and do a basic search using contractor and business rating services. These sites allow customers to rate the service and quality from various trades and businesses. Once you have established a list of potential floor resurfacing companies you can begin calling. If your floors need to be refinished promptly you should have the dates of availability handy. When you call be sure to find out if work can be done by your needed date and ask about free work and price estimates. 

Resurfacing an epoxy or concrete floor should only take one to four days for most jobs. Larger warehouses and businesses may take longer. A resurfacing technician should be able to come out to your home or business and give you a proper time frame. In addition to a work time frame you should receive a price quote estimate and information about the company that includes their insurance and warranty information. 

After booking your resurfacing you will have to get ready for the resurfacing. Be sure to clean out the space of any objects that may obstruct the job. You will need to obtain safe storage for your items during the resurfacing process. If you are having epoxy done you will need to select the pattern, texture and gloss quality of the resurfacing. Now all damaged concrete and epoxy can be resurfaced. When your technician comes out to assess the job they will let you know if resurfacing is an option or if you need to have a total replacement done. If your job requires a total replacement the company will be able to give you a quote on that as well. Once you have your concrete or epoxy done you can rest easy knowing that industrial floors typically last ten to twenty years depending upon the traffic flow.


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