Refresh Your Home With Brand New Floors

Refresh Your Home With Brand New Floors

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Are you looking to breathe life into your home? Do you want to change up the way the inside of your property feels? Renovation projects are a great way to exhibit a new style or give your home some renewed vigor. Most people reach for cans of paint in order to change the mood of their home but we think that it is just as effective to change out your flooring. Your floor is incredibly important not just from a functional perspective but also a fashion perspective. Today, we are going to talk about several different types of flooring options that you can explore when renovating your home. 

Popular Flooring Options For 2019 

Alright, so you are ready to dramatically change the mood and feel of your home. Whether you have old shaggy carpet or simple laminate flooring, you are ready for a fresh new style. There are many different flooring options available to you and the great thing is that the vast majority of them are relatively affordable. We’ll highlight a few options below so you can call the ideal flooring installation Allentown PA services for the job. We’ll highlight some different options so that you can find the right style for your specific needs. 

1) Hardwood Flooring – Leading the way in the flooring renovation world is hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring can be a beautiful addition to just about any home. Hardwood will add style and substance to your property while giving you a long-lasting, beautiful surface. Hardwood is great because it is easy to clean and easy to keep in relatively good shape. Unfortunately, real hardwood can be more expensive than some of the other choices on our list. Additionally, you’ll have to keep your hardwood floor away from moisture as it can be problematic for the surface. 

2) Laminate Flooring – If you can’t handle the expense of real hardwood but you still want a similar style, laminate can step in and handle the job for you. Laminate flooring is great for dealing with wear-and-tear and there are enough style options available to match your specific style. Laminate can look like actual wood or even tile and it is incredibly affordable and easy to install. Laminate may lack the high-end feel of hardwood but it is a darn good replacement option. 

3) Vinyl Flooring – Want to try something really different? Vinyl flooring is a great option for bathrooms, basements, and kitchens. Vinyl flooring is a little more expensive than traditional tile but it is long-lasting, durable and can imitate other flooring options. Vinyl flooring won’t appeal to everyone but it might be a nice change of pace for a hobby room or a newly finished basement. In any event, it definitely can provide you with a new look and style. Changing out your flooring can go a long way toward imbuing new life into your property. While all flooring options are not created equal, there are plenty of great options available to you! 


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