The Many Options for Floor Surfacing

The Many Options for Floor Surfacing

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Depending on what you will primarily be doing in a building, you will need to ensure that you choose the proper floor surfacing. This is not so easily done as you may think simply due to the number of options. The options vary widely. There are vinyl flooring options that are clearly vinyl flooring but also vinyl flooring options that do an excellent job of looking like real stone. There are also good vinyl flooring choices that are made to look like tile or even wood. These options can be installed as tiles or sheets to best suit your project and come in a massive variety of colors. Because vinyl is so durable, for many projects and budgets it is the first thing to come to mind, even in commercial applications as well as residential. 

Wood, tile, and concrete flooring are popular as well for both residential and commercial applications because these floor surfaces lend specific aesthetic qualities to their buildings and can be far easier to clean than many choices of carpet in certain applications. Tile and concrete are also the easiest floor surfaces to sanitize which is important in food preparation areas, kitchens, labs, etc. These flooring types also are available in a variety of colors and finishes that add decorative effects to the projects that they are used in. On the other hand, carpet is a popular floor surfacing Kansas City MO choice because it adds to the decor and can make a space feel far more warm or cozy because of it’s potential to dampen sound. Carpet is available in solid colors or printed patterns. The padding chosen will also add to the longevity of the carpet as well as aid in dampening sound. 

Stone flooring is at the higher end of the spectrum as far as cost but it lasts for a lifetime or several lifetimes with proper care. Stone flooring is unlike other types of flooring in it’s potential longevity and it’s specific look. Some find it beautiful while others say it is cold. Whether they like it or not, many people know that stone floor surfacing is distinctively high end so if it is an upscale or luxurious look you want, this may be the best choice. Stone flooring can be cold underfoot and a heating system beneath the flooring will take care of that issue. Like any other floor surface, stone flooring works well in residential and commercial applications. 

Resilient flooring is an option typically for playrooms and exercise rooms. It is durable and forgiving. More colors and prints are available today than every before and the cost of this floor surface is reasonable for most applications. In other areas a seamless floor may be what you need. This flooring is often used in garages and workrooms. It has a seamless look due to the application of a coating that typically includes some granules to make the floor less slippery. Colors and patterns are limited only by your budget and creativity but you are likely to find something you will like for years to come.


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