The Merits of Timber Flooring

The Merits of Timber Flooring

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Reaching a decision to choose the right type of flooring for your home is the best effort you can ever make. A home interior design should be outstanding. Most homes floors are made of ceramic, marble, laminate and granite. Basically, these are the common options in the market. However, there is timber. 

Floors made of timber are elegant. They are aesthetically appealing and are recognized as among the most durable type of flooring. There are numerous advantages attached to this type of flooring. Its appearance is exceptionally exotic. It’s not a common type of flooring in many homes. Timber flooring is magnificent and always seem to look better as it ages. Apart from offering the occupants with a warm feeling, the floor has an everlasting detail of beauty and value. Timber floors never run out of fashion. They have been reigning for decades and until to date, they remain to be the league leaders in the flooring industry. 

Additionally, timber flooring is water resistant and long lasting. Even though timber is costly compared to all other flooring options, it’s an investment worth to take as it will never disappoint even in the near future. The floor unknowingly adds charm to your home and increases the value of your house. Compared to other flooring options, timber floor is effortless to clean and maintain. Carpeting can be disastrous as it acts as a breeding zone for animal mites, molds, dust and mildew. Most of these components greatly affect people with different forms of allergy or even respiratory illnesses. 

When it comes to timber flooring, this is not an issue and can easily be cleaned with ease on a daily basis. Moreover, timber floors can comfortably be installed on a radiant heated slab. However, you should keep this in mind that three to four-inch timber slab is not compatible while installing on a concrete floor. On the same, a five to sixteen-inch hardwood sab can easily be glued to a concrete. Solid and fully furnished timber floors offer a home with a significant variation in terms of styles, finishes, and colors. Apart from their easy to clean technique, they are also good insulators. This is an added advantage especially when it comes to cold weather. 

For any inquiries on durable timber floors or any advice needed, one can project their needs to a timber decking northern beaches company. Come to think of it, if you compare timber flooring to all other less expensive flooring options, you will realize that timber flooring is actually cost-effective. The only expensive part is the initial investment cost which is high. In the long run, almost all timber floors will last a lifetime. The lifespan of carpets is between six and seven years.

Timber flooring elevates the end value of your home. As other floor options look worn out and tattered, timber floors still retain their aesthetic value and character for several decades. If you realize that your floor is becoming dull or mistakenly got scratched, you can renew the look by doing a grind and sand method. This applies a new and fresh coat. 


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