Are Door Fittings Worth The Money?

Are Door Fittings Worth The Money?

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Doors perform essential roles in a house, office, residence, or rooms used for commercial purposes. They ensure privacy by separating one room from the other. The ideal door should allow for thermal storage and provide sound insulation. In addition to these benefits, design, and technology are also critical in ensuring your safety and comfort. Most importantly, the door fittings and doors should match the furnishing style. Some of the door fittings that are commonly used are hinges, levers, and knobs. Here are some of the benefits of door fittings:

  1. Easy Door Access
    Dont ignore the importance of door fittings. Door fittings such as levers perform a crucial role in most homes in the modern age. Indeed, these fittings come in handy in allowing you get through the door when your hands are full.
    With levers, you don’t have to turn the doorknob to gain access to your house.
    Subsequently, you’ll only need to apply downward pressure, and to your surprise, the door will unlock easily. You can even push it with your shoulders to gain entrance. Not only do doors fitted with levers save you time but also the energy of placing your items down before you open the door or asking for assistance to open the door with your hands full.
  2. Preventing Door Knob Grime/Stains
    Many are the times when you have to wipe your dirt-ridden hands before opening the door. However, that will be a thing of the past if you fit your doors with handles. Doing so assists greatly when moving gardening supplies or tools in and out of a building.
    Apart from that, the handles can also be installed on bathroom doors to minimize the spread of germs and other contaminants that are synonymous with door handles.
  3. Handicap Accessibility
    Doors fitted with levers can be installed into adjoining rooms of your house to facilitate easier access by disabled persons. Disabled persons in wheelchairs and those with arthritis lack the hand strength required to open a door. Installing door levers enables such persons to carry out their tasks more independently hence restoring their sense of independence. You can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home by installing fitted accessories and architectural ironmongery. Learn more about aesthetic appeal to get better interior ideas for your home.
  4. Child Safety
    Door knobs are the best go-to door fittings in case you want to safeguard the safety of your children. Unlike door levers, doorknobs are difficult for children and pets to open. Therefore, doorknobs can be considered a safety feature if you do not want kids opening the doors on their own.
  5. Versatility
    Door knobs work well indoors that swing in either direction. These are ideal for cabinet knobs. They tend to be symmetrical hence operate in the same way regardless of the configuration of the door.
  6. Prevent Rust
    Another door fitting that acts as the cornerstone of the door are the hinges. One of the most common types of hinges is concealed ones. Such types of hooks are located on the inside of the door; hence, are hidden from the public.
    This means that such hinges are not exposed to dust or dirt. Concealed hinges are a great deterrent of dust and any subsequent rust. However, if rust does occur on your hinges, you can easily prevent the squeaking that comes with it by rubbing a dab of butter on the hinge. This lubricates the metal and prevents the annoying squeaky sound.

Whether you furnish you home or business premises with elegant glass doors or wooden doors ensure you incorporate the right fitting that will increase the longevity of your doors and also improve their aesthetic appeal.


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