How to make your dinner posh

How to make your dinner posh

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Planning a dinner party.

You are planning a dinner party, and it makes you nervous as well as excited. You want it to be perfect, and you want the table to look as good as possible, maybe with a unique finish. You’ve chosen your outfit, and the colours of the candles and napkins, the dinner set, the seating plan, the courses, but what more can you do to make it stand out in the guest’s minds?

Stemless wine glasses.

What could be chicer and more unique than stemless wine glasses? Your guests will certainly be surprised. In everyday life, everyone knows the shape of a wine glass, foot, stem and bowl; you hold the glass by the stem to swirl, smell and taste the wine. The glass sits by your plate familiarly, ready to grasp by the stem when you want a sip. So stemless glasses take everyone by surprise, and it will certainly be a party with a flair and a talking point. The glasses are available in a variety of colours, shades, patterns and designs as well, so if you want to make a statement with your wine glasses, this is how to do it.


Stemless glasses are more casual than stemmed glasses, so they are ideal for a dinner party of friends and family, where no-one wants to feel formal and rigid, it is a time for relaxing, catching up and feeling at ease, a time for anecdotes and laughter.

One of the adorable things about stemless glasses is that they can be placed in most places and you are less likely to bump, knock or drop them, so wine spillages when the party gets lively are less likely. They are also less fragile without stems. Stemless glasses are also smaller than some wine glasses and are likely to be held for less time than stemmed glasses, so if you have guests who are discreetly trying to cut down their alcohol intake, then this is an ideal way of helping them while making a unique statement. They are ideal if you have a guest or guests who have trouble gripping a wine glass for health reasons and don’t want to feel left out.

Stemless glasses are quirky and different, they make the dinner unique and special. They are best used with red wines as they can slightly warm the wine, which suits red better than white. So a nice dinner party with red wine, stemless glasses next to your special dinner party china, the table polished to perfection and the napkins and cutlery nearly laid out beside each plate. It is perfect, and it is welcoming. And you know that the washing up will be easier with these glasses than with the traditional ones. You are an experienced and wise host, and that is what the stemless glasses are about.

And more good news. These glasses are versatile compared to the one-purpose stemmed glass, you can use stemless glassware for multiple other tasks, take a look at this article and be inspired:

Buying your stemless glasses.

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To learn more about the pros and cons of stemless vs Stemmed glasses, there is an article available here:
Hopefully you are beginning to see how these glasses could complement your dinner table and prevent a few accidents, as well as making the aftermath of the party easier to wash up. Good luck with that fabulous dinner party!


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