Building the Perfect Garden Space for Relaxation

Building the Perfect Garden Space for Relaxation

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Part of the lure of California is the ability to enjoy the outdoors through all of the seasons. Making little “secret gardens” that explode with colors and textures is just one way to enjoy the weather. Finding the perfect spot and the perfect plants for different parts of your outdoor space isn’t as hard as it seems.

While my wife and I were looking for ideas we found some great ideas right on the internet. I was recovering from a mild stroke and realized that I needed to find a way to better deal with my stress. I found an article in the NY Times online that really helped me to see that gardening and plants could open up a whole new world of recovery for me. What it ended up giving us was way more than that.

We found a spot in our yard that we realized would be perfect for good sun while allowing some shade in the late afternoon. We drew some pictures and brain stormed some ideas until we could find what suited us both. We knew that we wanted the center of the spot to be some kind of poured concrete patio. We contacted a ready mix cement manufacturers modesto ca and we had a simple square slab poured that allowed for a perfect spot to add some outdoor furniture. 

The gardening was a raised garden to allow us a nice view on both sides of our concrete patio, while also allowing us a little less bending. We decided to stick with native plants to our area. One thing about California is that we are all about conserving water. A lot of people don’t realize that planting native plants is much better for water conservation. Native plants are adapted to the environment you live in and that helps them to not require extra water. Native plants are use to what your environment normally gives them and don’t require anything extra, other than care. 

The best part of our project was watching it come to life. Our concrete patio was the perfect starting point that we continued to dress with plants and furniture. It allowed the two of us some great shopping trips. We became very familiar with our local garden center and actually met some great people. We found our furniture at yard sales and the mix of our tastes turned out to be pretty good. I’m sure that I had more input in this garden that I’ve had in the inside of my house after 20 years of marriage.

We took the garden to some new heights by adding some wonderful container plants on our concrete patio. By adding a birdhouse and some outdoor solar lights, we’ve been able to sit outside in our “secret garden” for more hours than we can count. The smells and life that we get to enjoy is beyond words. The work of weeding and keeping the plants healthy is just not anything to complain about because it gives us so much back.


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