Decorating Your Man Cave With Furniture

Decorating Your Man Cave With Furniture

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The man cave at one time was an area of the home for a man to escape into. He didn’t need to have a lot of furniture because it was his lair. These days, man caves have become more than an area to escape to for the man of the house. Now it’s an area for him and his friends to escape to when there is a gathering at his house. That means he has to find a furniture store Naples FL residents can furnish that man cave in with just one visit.

The Television Needs A Home

The centerpiece of your man cave is your television. That television is the kings of the home and deserves and entertainment center fitting for a king. This means you are going to want to store everything for your television in it. Drawers where your movies and other videos is a necessity. A stand to keep your remote control on the entertainment center makes it easy to find. Comfort items such as drink holders, extra pillows and coasters should be easily stored in a drawer. Do not forget about having space for extra pillows so they are easy to “arrange” when not in use.

These days televisions are mounted on the wall instead of placed in the entertainment center, but you can still accessorize. Start by purchasing a plastic case to surround your television on the wall. You might wonder why this is needed, but think about some of those out-of-control game winning celebrations. The last thing you want is to have a guest’s cell phone crashing into your television screen and breaking it.

The King and His Court Need Thrones

The sofa or recliners in your home are the equivalent of a throne for you and your buddies. Test these in the furniture store. they should be comfortable but firm at the same time. Nobody wants to struggle getting out of their seat for that emergency bathroom break during a commercial. Drink holders are no longer optional, don’t risk your friends throwing a glass in their air when celebrating due to your lack of foresight. Reclining seats are a great feature, but get the motorized ones instead of forcing your buddies to strain. A final touch of class are seats with a massage option.

Lighting The Room

Your man cave is not an average room, so there is no need for it to have average lighting options. Recessed lighting into the ceiling is a start, but purchase the types that can change colors. This will allow you to have a themed man cave for each of your local sports teams. Find additional lighting options in the furniture store that feature logos of your favorite sports teams to give it a little extra home town spirit.

Have Fun!

There are no rules to decorating your man cave. If your wife sets the rules, make sure there’s a lock on your door. Have fun and decorate it, as it’s the only room you can.


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