Plumbing Issues: The Most Common Problems a Homeowner Faces

Plumbing Issues: The Most Common Problems a Homeowner Faces

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Home ownership is an amazing accomplishment with many perks including decorating, no landlord, making your own house rules, an outdoor space, and plenty of privacy. Hosting parties, dinners, and holiday festivities are other benefits of owning your own home. There are some challenges that are thrown in the mix as well, like unexpected repairs and upkeep. Plumbing issues are some of the most common problems that a homeowner faces on a regular basis. 


The kitchen and bathrooms are both subject to clogs though the cause may vary. Kitchen sinks and disposals can get backed up from food, grease, buildup, or a foreign object. Bathroom sinks tend to have hair, grime and build up as the culprit. Toilets are very commonly clogged. Most of the time a plunger can take care of the issue, but larger clogs require snaking. 


Those drippy faucets around the house are typically more annoying than harmful. They do increase the water bill due to the wasted drops adding up. That is what drives many homeowners to pursue repair. Sink faucets, in particular, can have other leaks out of sight. Checking with a flashlight under the cabinet can uncover wet spots, mildew, mold, damaged goods, and the source of the leak. There are times that simply tightening fittings will do the trick, but when DIY efforts fail then it is time to call a plumber. They will diagnose and fix the problem so there will be no more water waste or damage. 

Unclean Water 

Brown and smelly water are never good signs. Sediment can also be found in tap water when there is an issue. Another major problem is when water will not get hot anymore. Lukewarm water is not pleasant for bathing. Generally speaking, these symptoms are related to a water heater issue. These are not the types of problems to attempt to fix without training. Instead, choose water heater repair Las Vegas NV

Running Toilets 

Almost everyone has experienced the toilet that won’t stop running. Unfortunately, it is a huge water waster that can really hike up the water bill. There are several potential reasons why this can happen, but the sooner it is handled the less money will be wasted. 

Low Water Pressure 

A nice powerful stream should come from all faucets when turned up. When this suddenly changes it could mean a number of things. The easiest solution is using a new showerhead or faucet, but it could also be a sign of a hidden leak. 

You love your home and everything in it. Taking good care of the home is part of the responsibility as a homeowner. Plumbing issues are usually the most common problems in the home. Many can be fixed with time and effort, but larger projects are best left to professional plumbers. Leaks and running toilets can lead to pricey water bills. The longer the problem persists, the bigger the big. Get those plumbing issues fixed quickly!


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