Important tips to consider when hiring a moving company this summer

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Summer brings a lot of opportunities. It does not only make outdoor activities more fun, but it also results in a boom for many businesses. This is the season when real estate investors walk all the way to the bank smiling due to the booming real-estate business. The increased home sales from the month of May mean that more homeowners and business are on the move. So, if you have already bought or rented a new property, then you are probably thinking about how you will move in. But before you start packing your stuff, you might consider talking to professional movers. Who knows, probably they can even end up doing the packing for you. 

If you are like any other typical homeowner, you will probably go online and search for a moving company. You will definitely get a million results by just searching for a moving company in your area. But is it easy to trust someone or a company with all your earthly possessions? How easy would it be to hand over that baby grand piano to a total stranger? The truth is that it is not easy. So, how do you hire a moving company that you can trust? This article offers some important tips that will be helpful when hiring a professional mover


This should be the starting point for any homeowner seeking professional moving services. A company’s reputation speaks it all about the services that they offer to their customers. Finding a moving company with a good reputation will help you to save your money and time. Besides, you will have the peace of mind that your belongings are in the hands of professionals. Professional moving services are just a call away at movers Cincinnati oh

But you could be wondering how you would gauge the reputation of a moving company. It is true that you cannot judge individuals by just looking at them. You will need to ask certain questions just to be sure the type of people you are dealing with. They include: 

The duration that the company has been in business 

There is no doubt that experience counts. A company that has been into the business for some time already has a track record. They already know that some items mean so much to you and thus, there is no insurance coverage that can compensate their value. 


Moving companies involved in the transportation of items from one state to the other usually have the US DOT number. It is a unique license number issued by the US Department of Transportation. You can validate the authenticity of the DOT number by searching online from the governments’ database. 

Insurance cover 

Every professional moving company should have an insurance cover. At no point should you ever hire uninsured moving company? It is also important to ascertain that all your belongings are covered by the company’s insurance cover. 

Their rates 

Normally, most of the homeowners will start by checking out the company’s rates, which is okay. But it is necessary to note that low rates don’t mean a low final bill. Some companies will charge differently at different times of the week.


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