Putting on A New Roof

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One of the biggest expenses a homeowner can have is making any type of structural repair to their house. If they are adding an extension or changing the exterior in any way, the cost for this could be quite high. One of the most expensive and often quite unexpected repairs that they can make would be the roofing on a house. A small leak in a roof is very easy to repair. It would mean getting a patch material and putting it on. But, when a roof becomes too hard to repair, it may need to be replaced completely. 

Determining If A Roof Needs Replacement 

If the roof in your home has repeatedly had repair work done to it, you may need to call an expert to determine whether to replace it entirely or continue to make small patches. The roofer will be able to look at it and tell you if the entire thing needs to go. Sometimes, he will recommend that you only replace a certain amount of the materials on it and this is a great cost savings. They can sometimes just lay another layer of tiling materials on top of the old to make the repairs. 

If You Need A Full Replacement 

If the roofer finds that there have been several layers put on a roof, he will suggest that all of it be removed and new materials laid down. Continually adding layers to it will weight it down and can cause a collapse eventually. If you have agreed that a new roof is warranted, then, the company will come in and begin the repair. They will first remove all the old tile and underlay material and look at the substructure of the roof. If any of the wood sheeting has damage, they will need to remove this and replace it. 

Finishing Your New Roof 

After any wood has been replaced and new tar sheets have been installed, they will begin to place the new roof material on. This could be anything from fiberglass sheets to ceramic tiles. Depending on the finishing material you choose, the cost can be very expensive. Once it has been completed, you should examine the results to determine if it has been done properly. The roofer will have you sign off on the work and give you the guarantee on the materials. Most roof materials are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 30 years or more. 

If after the contractor has left, you find there are any leaks in the new roof, you will want to have them come back and make repairs as soon as possible. Leaving a small leak in the roof can lead to extensive damage if not repaired quickly. The roofer you choose should be selected carefully and after you have done your research. Make sure they are fully insured in case there are any problems. Have them give you an estimate of the work and explain any excess charges they add on.


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