Replacement or Repair of Roofs is not a DIY Project 

Replacement or Repair of Roofs is not a DIY Project 

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Anyone can replace a roof, but they do need some vital knowledge about the job. Calling a quality, seasoned, and licensed roofing contractor assures that your roof is replaced correctly and lasts for the estimated life of the materials used. The licensed roofing contractor may have started out being a builder of homes or has a carpentry background and ventured into the business. 

What do Roofing Contractors do? 

Most roofing contractors join in on the work at hand, which is up to the contractor. The main job of the roofing contractor is to repair and replace roofs on private and business structures. Roofing contractors are generally self-employed. Roofing contractors repair and replace roofs year around depending on dangerous inclement weather. Most roofing contractors go through a period where they work alongside another seasoned roofing contractor as a certification process after obtaining their business license and are insured. 

A roofing contractor must meet specific problems with the client’s roof during an initial roof inspection such as but not limited to, damage of shingles by storms, fires, water, and water leaks, insect, mold, rotting of underlayment, and more. The contractor is responsible for calculating the cost of the materials needed for roof replacements or repairs and present this to the client. An excellent, seasoned, licensed roofing contractor offers reasonable rates and pricing, explaining to clients that they included the labor costs in the overall price. Jobs range from small garages types to commercial buildings. 

Some Roofing Contractors May Not Work on Some Types of Roofs 

There are several different kinds of roof options for the consumer and not all roofing contractors to install all types of roofs. Types may include asphalt shingles, solar tiles, metal, stone, slate, rubber, concrete, built-up roofing, green roofs, and clay roofs. For example, solar roofs would require the contractor to have a electricians background. Does a roofing contractor gig harbor wa work with all types of roofs? 

It is wise to do some personal research on the type of roof you want to buy. Not all roofing materials are the best because some materials last from ten years or less and other materials last for a lifetime. Know what your options are for roofing materials and if the materials you choose are appropriate for the state you live.

Things to Remember When Hiring a Roofing Contractor 

When hiring a roofing contractor, it is wise to get at least three estimates and inspections to make sure all professionals are on board with the work that you need. Never rush into signing a contract with the first contractor you meet. Your homeowner’s insurance agent must be notified before any work starts on your property. Sometimes the insurance your contractor carries (ask to look at their policy and license) is not enough and you will need to obtain a short-term insurance rider to cover injuries of workers while they are working on your roof replacement or repair. Read the reviews of all contractors before you sign any contract.

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