Types of roofs done by roofing contractors

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Roofs are very fundamental in protecting our treasured belongings against the different weather conditions like heavy rains, wind and severe sunshine. Roofing contractors mason oh focus on making roofs of the best standard that can withstand any kind of weather hazards. The best types of roofs should also be long lasting but should still be replaced when necessary to avoid damage to your interior property. Below are some types of roofs that the roofing contractors specialize in for both commercial and residential setups. 

Shake Roofs 

This type of roof is usually made of wood which is energy saving since it helps in insulating the loft and allows air circulation in the house due to the tiny openings under the rows on which the shingles are place. Shake roofing gives a natural appearance and makes a roof look unique in beautiful way since shakes are different in color and vary in thickness, the way they are cut and width. Two different shakes can never be the same. Shakes are made from the inner part of large tree trunks hence producing very hard timber and are usually got from old cinder trees giving them a lifespan of about 25 years. Installation of shake roofs is very complicated, and one needs the expertise that roofing contractors offer. 

Slate Roofs 

Slates cannot be damaged by either insects, fire or rot and it is due to this characteristic that they have a lifespan of between 60 and 125 years depending roof configuration, geographical location and type of slate used. When proper installation is done they offer a great natural look especially when placed in patterns of different colors and they also require minimal maintenance. It is prudent to replace missing, broken or cracked slates to prevent damaging your roof, interior property or even the structure itself. Regular checks should be done to this type roofs especially after serious storms to fix any existing problems. 

Rubber Roofs 

These kinds of roofs are installed by using one ply rubber sheet that is gummed over an insulation board. This type of roofing is commonly done for commercial and low range residential/commercial structures and it has proven to be resistant to high speed wind, hail and it has great ratings when it comes to heat. Using rubber roof has an advantage in that if a roof requires replacement it can first be coated before being replaced later. 

Shingle Roof 

This is a very popular way of roofing which has minimal maintenance since shingles are usually easy to repair and they are simple and economical to install. They come in a large range of brand, types, colors and textures. Using shingles in roofing makes your home look attractive and long lasting with a lifespan of about 25 years. 

Roofing should be done by contractors who have adequate knowledge and experience in roofing to avoid a mistake that would cost you a lot if your assets got damaged. The roofing contractors have adequate skills in roofing and have established a very good relationship with their clients.


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