Typical Indications of Termite Infestations on Properties

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Take Charge of Termites With Pest Control Services Today 

Insect invasions of any kind can make you feel quite ill at ease. It doesn’t matter if your home is taken over by persistent ants. It doesn’t matter if it’s taken over by termites that have a penchant for wood consumption. Pest infestations never make anyone feel good. Fortunately, people can always choose to manage infestations with extermination services. If you’re trying to get termite pest control treatment Tulsa OK residents can give their approval, then you have nothing in the world to fear. If you’re detail-oriented and persevere, you’ll be able to find an extermination company that can give you the in-depth service and assistance you need. If you have a pesky termite infestation on your hands, there are various signs that may help you figure out what’s going on. 

Abandoned Wings 

Swarms of termites can happen indoors and outdoors. Termites that are fully grown abandon their nests prior to starting colonies of their own. They let go of their wings not long after beginning flying. If you notice tiny heaps of wings in the middle of spiderwebs, then you probably have an infestation. You may see old wings in locations all over the foundation of your structure. 

Wood Destruction 

Destruction to wood is perhaps one of the most telling indications of a possible termite infestation on a property. If you observe little openings in wood, that’s a big clue. Try hitting wood using a hammer as well. If termites have wreaked havoc onto it, it should produce a thumping noise of sorts. Wood that disintegrates and that falls apart tends to have termite destruction, too. Don’t forget to focus on your drywall, either. If you see little holes, pay attention. A termite infestation could be the reason for them. 

Chipping Paint 

Concentrate on the paint on your property. If anything seems out of the ordinary, a termite infestation could be the big cause. If you see any paint that’s chipping or blistering, then that’s a serious clue. Destruction that’s brought on by termite tends to look a lot like water damage. 

Tunnels of Mud 

If you want to be confident in the possibility of a termite infestation, you should search for indications of mud tunnels. These tunnels tend to be simple ways to confirm invasions of these frustrating insects. These pests have the tendency to construct sophisticated mud tunnels any time they want to manage their transportation needs. These tunnels enable them to come and go. They frequently emerge on furniture items in homes. They often show up on concrete foundations and on walls. It isn’t even strange to spot them on patios. 

Insect Droppings 

Search diligently for droppings on your property. Droppings that are produced by termites tend to resemble sawdust. If you observe anything that’s strangely reminiscent of sawdust close to furniture items or to your front door, an infestation is highly likely. Call a pest control company right away.


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