Useful Tips to Remember Carrying Reusable Bags Before Leaving Home Anytime

Useful Tips to Remember Carrying Reusable Bags Before Leaving Home Anytime

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Plastic has negatively impacted the whole universe. A study has proven that one plastic bag takes 1000 years to decompose. Well actually, it doesn’t decompose, but tears into smaller pieces. On an average, thousands of plastic bags are disposing of from one house. If these bags cannot be decomposed, then they will eventually end up in landfills and pollute our land as well as oceans.

Human and animal kinds are in danger because of pollution. Hence, we must support the use of reusable bags as much as possible. One sturdy and the durable reusable bag can be used 700 times. This limits the use of plastic bags, which gradually minimizes their production too. Moreover, different styles, colors, fabric, and designs in reusable bags give us unlimited options to choose from.

Custom Earth Promos is an eco-friendly company situated in Delray Beach, Florida that specializes in reusable bags and other products like straws, jotters, USB, lanyards, seed papers, etc. Since 2009, their main mission has been to eliminate plastic from the earth completely. All their products are made from recycled material without using any harmful chemicals. You can place reusable grocery bags bulk orders with them and get the best discounts without involving any middlemen in the process.

Even if we take a pledge of using reusable bags for daily work, we still break that pledge easily. This is because we tend to forget them at home. When I plan to go for an evening walk, I end up buying stuff from street hawkers. Finally, I have 2-3 plastic or paper bags blocking both my hands.

Finally, I decided to follow some rules in life. Let me tell you my secret tips that always help me in carrying recycled bag –

  • Whenever you prepare a shopping list mention bag on the top so that while going through the list, you’ll automatically remember to carry a bag.
  • After unpacking all stuff, put those bags back into the car to their place. This makes it available every time.
  • Hang them at a place that is visible right before leaving the house. For example, the key hook or hang it near the front door.
  • Always keep one bag handy in your purse or a laptop bag. You may not bring your car to the office some days, but you’ll carry your purse or laptop.
  • Even if you don’t carry the bag to the department store, you can take all items in a trolley to the car and dump every item later in the bags.
  • Set a reminder on your phone to carry bags before leaving home.
  • Above all, involve your family and partner in the world-saving mission. Ask them to follow your footsteps and remember to carry reusable bags whenever necessary.
  • Try DIY or buy fancy and colorful bags. This will always give you an urge to show off your bag in public, thus whenever you’ll go out, you’ll end up carrying it along.

Keep plenty of bags with you. As a human, we get bored with one thing easily. When you have plenty of bags in option, you would love to change them according to outfit, mood, and shopping criteria. Save the earth from harmful plastic bags by taking a step further.


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