How Cold Weather Temperature Can Make Things Worse For You

How Cold Weather Temperature Can Make Things Worse For You

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According to Bustle, cold weather can negatively affect you by causing you a significant amount of possible migraines, could also trigger cardiovascular issues, can cause lung spasms, can cause depression, can decrease your sex drive and can actually cause you to feel much more sleepy because of the melatonin production from cold temperatures. Studies have also found that your body is actually much more sensitive to lower temperatures and warmer temperatures. There have been a number of studies that show how many people who are exposed to colder temperatures tend to develop depression, impaired judgment, confusion, inability to effectively communicate and also a decrease of consciousness. It is no secret that colder temperatures can be overwhelming for many individuals of all ages. If you are someone who is currently taking prescription medication for a medical condition, the cold weather may also cause you more misery than pleasure. Keeping your home at a warmer temperature can definitely assist you in keeping your home comfortable and may also decrease your risks and chances for making your home environment worse for you. 

Based on facts from the CDC, reports have showed that between 1999 and 2011, more than 16,000 innocent Americans ended up losing their dear lives to exposure to extreme cold temperatures. Hypothermia is one cold-related illness that can be life-threatening and also extremely dangerous for many people. Also, experts have also recommended individuals who are more prone to weather related injury to keep warm during the extreme temperatures. It is also beneficial for you to be fully aware of some of the common signs of a cold related illness such as hypothermia. Some of the common symptoms of hypothermia make may include the following: extreme shivering, slurred speech, mumbling, weak pulse, lack of coordination, confusion, memory loss and many other symptoms. Depending on the individual, these symptoms could vary, so be alert as much as you possibly can. 

Cold weather can be extremely uncomfortable for the average person. In some locations in the country, the cold weather can be dangerous, which is why having a proper heating source so critical to your home. If you currently do not have one in place, then you might want to put that on the top of your priority list, as cold weather can cause you more harm than you think. If you have family in the home who may be more sensitive to weather-related illness, then stop and make every effort to prep your home for the extreme cold season. You may want to conduct an online search to find locate your nearest HVAC professional by looking up some heating services lincoln ne

Be sure to keep your home warm during extreme temperatures. Your home can be a true danger zone without proper heating during extreme temperatures. You never want to be in a situation in your own home that can cause you harm and also possibly cause death in the most extreme cases. Get your home a quality heating system to protect everyone in the home before it is too late.

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