Key Signs Your AC Needs a Repair

Key Signs Your AC Needs a Repair

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With the last grips of winter finally melting away many homeowners are kicking on their air conditioning units. A good portion of those homeowners is going to be quite disappointed when their AC units don’t turn on. Because homeowners don’t typically perform regular maintenance on their AC units, the equipment often falls into disrepair. While an AC unit that refuses to kick on is pretty clear that it’s broken, there are other instances where it may be less obvious that the unit needs to be fixed. This article will discuss a few key signs that you need some air conditioning repair woodbridge va performed. 

1. Cool But Not Cold Air

One slightly blurry area that might make homeowners unsure if their AC is working or not is if you receive cool air that isn’t bitingly cold. When you walk into your home you may find that it feels slightly cool. However, it doesn’t have the bite of chilly air that you typically expect with air conditioning. Perhaps you’ve even had the unit on for hours and the temperature doesn’t seem to be dropping. This is usually a sign that your air conditioning isn’t running at peak performance. It may be because you need the Freon replaced. It may also be because of a mechanical issue. A professional can discover the reason and make the necessary repair. A properly working AC unit should make you feel chilly. 

2. Bad Smells

Another sign that your AC unit may be broken is if you notice a foul smell coming from your vents. This odor could be a result of many different things. It may be because the filter needs to be changed. Blocked air filters often have a lot of mold and other grime trapped within them. That mold can be forced through the filter due to the high pressure and sent throughout your home. Mold carries an unpleasant odor with it. Besides mold, the odor might also be coming from the Freon. In the event of a Freon leak, it can sometimes smell like bad eggs. Often, the scent can be bad enough to make your eyes water. Freon leaks can be lethal if breathed in too much or if touched directly. This is a repair that needs to be left in the hands of the professionals. 

3. Won’t Turn On

No matter how many times you press the button on your thermostat the AC unit refuses to kick to life. While the problem may rest with the unit itself, it may also be due to your thermostat. Sometimes the wires connecting the thermostat to the unit can become unplugged or corroded. If there’s nothing wrong with the unit, then a professional HVAC contractor can inspect the thermostat and make the fix there. Wiring can be a whole headache in itself, so it is best to leave this job for the professionals. When in doubt, you should leave the unit off.


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