Key Ways To Keep Your Furnace Running

Key Ways To Keep Your Furnace Running

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If you’ve lived in Boise, ID for more than a year, it is likely that you’ve experienced just how tough and frigid winter can get. While not traditionally equated with tough winters, Boise takes its fair share of snow throughout the season. Worse than the snow, however, is the constant and bone-chilling cold that sweeps through the state. When the weather starts to turn, you are going to need the best heating repair services Boise ID has to offer. Today, we are going to take some time in order to highlight the most common reasons as to why your furnace might be giving you troubles this winter. 

Common Heating Problems For Boise Residents 

The weather has begun to turn, the skies are grey and the temperatures are dropping. With winter fully settling into your region, you need to know that your furnace and heating system will be up to the task. Unfortunately, most furnace issues don’t happen until winter is in full swing which means that you might be left without the comfort that you counted on when you need it most! An easy way to stay ahead of potential heating problems is by understanding where they might come from. Thankfully, most heating system problems can be narrowed down tot he following common problems. 

1) Lack of Maintenance – Leading the way for most heating system problems is a profound lack of maintenance. How old is your heating system? When was the last time that you had the system prepared by a trained heating technician? The odds are good that your system might never have had any maintenance services done on it. If this is the case for your home, you need to reach out to a licensed furnace technician for a heating system check-up. 

2) Furnace Turns On Without Heat – If your furnace is turning on but blowing nothing but cold air, you might be running into any number of heating problems. However, the most common heating issue relating to continuously blowing cold air is a broken ignition switch or pilot light. When your ignition switch doesn’t turnover, your furnace never powers on. You’ll end up with a house filled with cold air. Thankfully, this is a relatively cheap fix that any HVAC professional can help you to address. 

3) Dirty Filters – Along the same lines as our maintenance reference, dirty filters can lead to serious issues within your heating system. If your furnace or heating system is struggling due to inefficiency, you likely have a dirty set of filters. Over time, these filters will break down as more grime builds up on them. Have you filters replaced or cleaned regularly in order to maintain peak efficiency. 

Your furnace is the quiet engine that keeps y our home comfortable throughout the year. Don’t let your heating system fall apart when you need it. Pay attention to our tips in order to keep your system running smoothly this year and for years to come! 


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