Overcoming Your Typical HVAC Problems

Overcoming Your Typical HVAC Problems

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Comprehensive HVAC maintenance is vital for the equipment to operate correctly, but this advice is rarely followed. In fact, the accumulation of pollutants and poor maintenance are the two main causes of inefficiency and failures of HVAC systems. When it comes to heating service Cincinnati OH homeowners should have their heating and cooling system checked twice a year; ideally spring and autumn, or every six months. 

Neglecting Your Unit Becomes Pricey 

Allowing the accumulation of dust in the coils and filters and the delay in the execution of permanent maintenance can lead to higher prices in energy bills and service costs. Additionally, experts say this will also result in the deterioration of your internal air quality. Cleaning the evaporator and condenser panels regularly periodically is the best way to keep the units in optimum condition. Here are two of the most common problems technicians face when cleaning outdoor coils, although there may be others. 

Fins Bent Or Damaged By Corrosion

In many cases, homeowners use pressure washers and chemical cleaners to clean outdoor systems. The excessive pressure can damage coils and bend delicate aluminum fins. This results in the prevention of air flow, and therefore, the heat exchange will not work properly. To avoid this, it’s imperative to have a professional clean the unit with the correct tools. 

Corrosive And Chemical Damage To Unit.

Selecting the right type of cleaner for different types of dirt prevents damage to certain parts, like aluminum and copper. Another important note is not to use industrial cleaning products on any HVAC unit. Professionals typically use base cleaners to dissolve accumulated grease, salts and lime, and these agents are diluted before use. Also, certain compounds should not come in contact with one another or it could cause respiratory problems. 

How Important Is Your Air Filter? 

Having optimal airflow is vital to keep your system working correctly. A high-quality air filtration system also provides for cleaner air in your home and ensures a high level of comfort for you and your family. Air filters should be checked once a month during the operating season, and should be cleaned or replaced when necessary. 

Replacing your filters really depends on the environment you live in, as well as the type of filter your system uses. If you have pets or family members with respiratory problems, it’s best to replace filters each month to remedy any obstructions as a result of shedding hair. On average, filters are usually changed every three months. 

Why You Need System Checks 

HVAC systems have many different working parts, indoors and outdoors. It’s likely that you’ve never given any thought to several factors besides the furnace or heat pump, like the ductwork, or outdoor units that have plants and bushes nearby. Outdoor units require at least 12 inches of clearance for air flow. Also, if pets habitually walk by the unit, there is a possibility that acid in the pet urine has deteriorated the metal and coils, which can affect how the system works. Professionals check a wide range of system parts, like the heat exchanger, obstructions, carbon monoxide or refrigerant leaks, wear and tear, and any obstructions that result in your system not working optimally. To protect the performance of your heating and cooling system, maintenance should always be a factor.


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