Your Best Defense From Heat-Related Illness

Your Best Defense From Heat-Related Illness

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The summer can bring upon beautiful weather and many exciting and fun opportunities for being able to be outdoors and vacationing and simply just enjoying the weather. However, there are some parts in the US that may end up experiencing more than just beautiful weather, but extreme heat. Extreme heat has been known to arise several times during the summer season in the US. Matter of fact, extreme temperatures have been very common over the past few years all over the world. As the Earth continues to change, the seasons also begin to experience warmer summers and colder winters. According to the CDC, an average of 600 or more people all over the country of America end up dying from facing extreme hot temperatures every year. Many people sadly could have prevented their death by simply being cautious of their environment and surroundings. Utilizing a cooling system such as an air conditioning system can simply and easily decrease the extreme temperatures in the home dramatically. Matter of fact, an air conditioning system may be one of the only devices and your only defense that can actually protect you against all of the heat-related illness. 

Heat stroke is one of the more serious life-threatening heat-related conditions that tends to happen to many individuals in the US. You may also want to educate yourself on some of the possible obvious signs that can happen when someone is undergoing heat stroke. According to Mayo Clinic, some of the common symptoms of this life-threatening illness include the following: having a body temperature of more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit, experiencing confusion, agitation, irritability, seizures, coma, vomiting, nausea, flushed skin, fast breathing, a racing heart rate and a very bad headache. Some people may also experience different types of symptoms which can alter depending on the individual. Also, it is important to know that some people are simply more prone to developing a heat-related illness than others such as elderly and younger children. Heat-related illnesses are very common in America and can only continue if a proper cooling system is unavailable.

You can easily be able to protect yourself and your entire home with using a proper cooling system. An air conditioning system is in fact one of your best defenses in protecting your household against the extreme heat. Again, as the Earth changes you could possibly experience extreme temperatures on a regular basis in the summer. Therefore, you want to try to get ready for it by simply getting your air conditioning systems back up and running for the summer. You can easily be able to conduct a general search online for an air conditioning repair naples fl

Your best defense is the use of your air conditioning system. If you have not been able to perform any regular cleaning or maintenance of some kind for it, then reach out to your professional HVAC company to assist you. The quality and condition of your air conditioning system can actually affect your overall protection against the extreme heat. 


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