A Natural Pest Control System

A Natural Pest Control System

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Pests can invade any type of garden, even the ones that look picture perfect. They are everywhere in places that are green and lush, but rather than show themselves off to gardeners and visitors, they cleverly hide in areas that are barely visible to naked eyes. Most of these pests are “good pests”, so unless you see partially eaten leaves and fungus-infestation like appearance on stems, these pests are doing good for the vegetation. They are only eating the bad pests and living off of them. 

Many horticulturists and garden enthusiasts suggest protecting these “good pests” to weed out the bad ones. It is actually possible to introduce good pests into your home and garden. For many decades, greenhouses have successfully been able to develop an environment where plants thrive because of these good pests. One such pest is ladybug; the other is wasp larvae. Ladybugs are beneficial insects and fall into the predator category. In other words, they eat the bad bugs by feeding on them. Their favorite pest meal include, but not limited, to spider mites and mealybugs. Wasp larvae like pests, on the other hand, get into the parasitic mode to kill the bad bugs. 

Beneficial pests are the best way to protect your garden and at the same time have a natural pest control in place that is easy to the environment and your own health. It is the most effective way of getting the bad pests under control. Unless the good pest infestation is not too heavy, you will have a thriving garden before you. However, if this pest population is too high, you may want to seek service from any bimonthly pest control inspections waterford mi pros. Nevertheless, you can try your own home remedy for controlling the pest naturally – through non-toxic eradication such as water spray, soap spray, neem oil and so on. 

If the garden you want to treat is only a few meters long, you may want to remove pests by destroying them manually. A good blast of water can often knock off most of these unwanted guests. Besides, you will be leaving the plants less stressed and with minimal or zero damage. This is the best approach even for cases where the infestation is too high. You can also take the plant with infestation to a water tub and rinse thoroughly until all the bugs have died. For many pests like aphids and thrips, sticky traps are effective. These are tapes with sticky substance that traps flying pests making them unable to move and eventually die. 

Another way to get rid of pests is by using botanical pesticides. These are products made from plant material, the main ingredients of which are extracted from roots, leaves and barks of certain plants. Many are designed to kill the bacteria or pests invading your vegetation. One such botanical pesticide is pyrethrin, which is derived from a flower of the same name. It is effective in eradicating the pests by paralyzing them when sprayed.

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