Common Pests And Their Dangers In Minneapolis

Common Pests And Their Dangers In Minneapolis

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Even if you like it or not, pests will find their way into your home and wreak havoc to your belongings. There are a few ways to keep some of them out of your home, but they will find a way to come back. These dreaded creatures can destroy a lot of things and will make your life harder. Fortunately, there is a lot of commercial pest control minneapolis mn services you can choose from. Here are the most common type of pests that you’ll see in Minneapolis and the dangers that they pose in your household.

Ants And Termites

There are two types of ants that can infest your home: household ants and carpenter ants. To differentiate the two, the first thing you can do is to observe their colors. Household ants usually have colors ranging from yellow to red to darker colors. Carpenter ants are dark colored and have narrow waists and hind wings that are shorter from their front wings. Household ants are known to infest food to the point where it is inedible. Carpenter ants can infest wood structures and weaken them. Termites and Carpenter Ants are different even though they do the same thing to wood structures. Termites are very rare in Minneapolis as well as other parts of Minnesota.


Who would not scream when they saw cockroaches flying toward them? Cockroaches are regarded as major pests in establishments and homes, particularly in places with food-handling areas. They’re hard to exterminate because of their resiliency and partly because they’re more active at night. The danger they possess is when they infect food and causes food poisoning and diarrhea. Because they’re tough as rocks, a lot of establishments hires pest control to get rid of them.


You wouldn’t want to see flies inside your home because…they’re flies. Flies usually multiply and live in garbage and dirty places. Because of this, they are a natural carrier of diseases to humans. There’s a lot of kind of flies and the most common is the house fly. Other kinds of flies include blowfly, little house fly, stable fly, false stable fly, and moth fly. Flies like the fungus gnats are considered as nuisances and does not harm houseplants where they feed on damaged roots.

Nuisance Insects

Nuisance insects are those insects that enter homes to stay for the winter. They are usually outside in other seasons and does not usually bother humans. An example is the boxelder bug which enters buildings usually in a large number. There are also arthropods like sowbugs and centipedes which might reside inside your homes as nuisance pests. What you wouldn’t want to have in your house are insects called the pantry pests. These critters are known for infesting stored food, especially the dried ones. Although they do not harm people or infrastructures, they will clear all your dried food in no time. To get rid of them, it is recommended to also get rid of the contaminated food and do a thorough cleaning of the pantry.

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