How To Keep Your Home Bug Free

How To Keep Your Home Bug Free

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Your home is supposed to be a safe sanctuary for you and your family. That means that insects are not welcomed. Although some people keep bugs as pets, they never allow them to roam around freely. Having bugs run around the house can be annoying and very unsanitary. For example, the buzzing sound of flies is distracting, cockroaches can lead to allergic reactions, and bed bugs can make your night very unpleasant with the constant biting. Most people will just go out and buy insecticides to get rid of the bugs. For example, someone from Ohio with a bed bug problem may search the internet for a bed bug treatment cincinnati to find a quick solution. However, this solution is only temporary since the bugs eventually return. 

Place A Seal On The Doors 

If you want a more permanent solution to your pest problem, you need to seal your doors. Yes, bugs enter your home through the door. If you take time to examine your door, you will realize that it has several openings for bugs to pass through it. Thus, seal the doors underneath and above since this is where most of the openings are located. You can also add weatherstripping kits to the door’s perimeter as a way to prevent insects from accessing your home using the sides of the door. 

Consider Using Screens 

During summer, you want to enjoy the amazing weather and part of the enjoyment comes with opening up the windows to let in fresh air. Unfortunately, this can be a costly decision decision because insects may take that opportunity to enter your home. As a precaution, it is advisable that you install screens or wire mesh around the windows and doors. That way, you can still let in fresh air and keep away the bugs. 

Maintain Your Yard Regularly 

An unkempt yard is the perfect breeding ground for pests. Therefore, makes sure that you keep the grass leveled, get rid of any pile of leaves, unclog the drainage system, and get rid of any free standing water. If you have a pool, make sure that you treat it to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. By taking care of your yard, you control the environment around and prevent pests from hiding outside your house. 

Watch Out For The Cracks 

Since most insects are quite tiny, they can use the crevices on your wall to invade your house. The golden rule of thumb is that if a pencil can fit in a crack, a tiny mouse can also do so. Go around your house and examine for cracks on the wall. Fill them with cement as quick as possible to block all possible points of entry by bugs. Use the mentioned tips to keep your home safe from bugs. Your home should be a private sanctuary that allows you to relax after having a busy day, not a place where you are constantly fighting with bugs.

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