Signs You Might Need Pest Control

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You might think you keep a house that’s too clean for pests, but you’re wrong. There is no such thing as too much cleanliness at home when it comes to bugs and other unwanted pests. They all want something unique, and they want to come into your home to find it. They might not be able to find what they want if you keep a clean house, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to find it. Whether you need commercial pest control Arlington VA or residential, you need to know what signs to look for indicating you might need help. 

You See Spiders 

If you see spiders at home, it’s more than just terrifying. Many people fear spiders, especially when they are big. It doesn’t matter what size they are at home, though. If you see them, it means you have other pests living in your house. Spiders prey on other insects and pests. If you find them in your home, it’s a sign you have other bugs and pests inside your home. It’s time to call for pest control services. 

You See Bodies 

A dead bug is much better than a live one, but you have to ask yourself why a dead bug is in your home. It’s a sign there are live bugs in your home, mostly because that bug’s dead body didn’t show up without some help from its live body. If you see dead bugs in the house, it’s a flashing red sign that states you have bugs. 

Damage to Wood 

This is a problem you cannot afford to ignore. If you have wood damage, it might indicate you have ants or termites. There are some ants that do eat wood, and you might want to keep an eye out of them. Ants might not seem like the worst problem to have, but wood-eating ants are a big problem if you don’t know that already. If you notice damage to the wood in your home, it’s a sign you have bugs. 


Bug nests of any sort are an indication you have a problem. There is no such thing as only one or two bugs that got into the house by accident when you see nests. Nests indicate there is more than one, there is a family, and they’ve made themselves at home. If you see nests, it’s time to get rid of them and call for help. 

Pest control services differ from company to company. You can ask for what you need, and you can ask for additional services to help you with what you might want help with. Some companies offer a standard package, but you can discuss your needs with them when they visit. They can check your home, provide you with information, and let you know what they find. Don’t think your clean house is a deterrent to bugs. They aren’t always looking for your food or your dirty laundry piles to call their own.


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