What You Should Know About The Resurgence Of Bedbugs

What You Should Know About The Resurgence Of Bedbugs

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While bed bugs may have seemingly gone away for a few decades, they are back and more of a problem than ever in the United States. They can be anywhere and many people are learning this the hard way as they are forced to call for any residential pest control services chicago il to get rid of the problem. Form apartments, to homes, to schools, and even businesses, these disgusting creatures can make their home just about anywhere it seems. 

One of the reasons why bedbugs were able to see such a strong comeback is because people just stopped looking for them and didn’t know how to identify them. This means that problems were left untreated for a long time and allowed to spread before people even realized that there was a bug behind their itchy, bumpy skin problems. Since people weren’t thinking about them and didn’t realize that they could cause a problem in their homes. People began to think that the phrase “Don’t let the bedbugs bite” didn’t have any contemporary meaning anymore besides something you say as you are tucking a child in. 

This resurgence began to occur in the late ’80s but the problem blew up during the mid-’90s and continues even to this day. A lot of people claim that the banning of DDT contributed to the rise in bedbugs, but experts say that it simply isn’t true. The cheap pesticide was banned in 1972, but people in the United States were instructed to replace the use of DDT with another pesticide in order to control any bug problems that they may run across. 

Another big problem that the United States is facing with bedbugs is that they have become resistant to many types of pesticides. It’s important to choose chemicals that are specifically designed to get rid of bed bugs or you may not be able to get rid of the problem. In fact, it’s best to have a professional exterminator treat your home when you have bedbugs because they are better at making sure that they are all taken care of. While it may be unfortunate that only certain insecticides can kill bedbugs, it’s nice to know that these chemicals can usually also kill other bugs such as fleas. Getting rid of bedbugs usually consists of more than just spraying chemicals and laying traps, it can also involve sealing up any areas in which they could hide and exposing the bugs to intense heat in order to kill them. 

It’s important to be careful when you are traveling and just being out in public in general. It’s a good idea to inspect your clothing and shoes before getting into your car after going somewhere like a movie theatre and you should take a lot of precautions when you are checking out of a hotel. The problem with bedbugs is currently only getting worse and it might be a few years until better methods are found to eradicate the problem. Until then, it’s important to be careful and treat the problem quickly if it happens.

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