Why You Should Never Wait to Call Pest Control

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Have you moved into a home recently and discovered unwelcome guests? Many times, when people move into a home, whether they purchased and or rented, they discover within a few days that there seems to be an infestation of insects of some kind. Even worst, imagine moving into your new home happy and excited and then discover when you wake up in the morning that you are covered in bright red itchy bumps all throughout your arm. You look around and you don’t see any bugs in bright light. The reason is because it could be bed bugs. Bed bugs infestations have been occurring more often and the number of infestations has been rapidly increasing over the years. It is truly terrifying to experience. No one wants to move into a home to discover that they are faced with some sort of infestation. This is the last thing they want to worry about. If you are suspicious of any type of insect infestation, you must contact a professional pest control right away, before you risk spreading the infestation. 

According to Omicsonline.org, bed bug has been a growing epidemic in the United States. Bed bugs have been around for many years but have recently been increasing in numbers. There has also been a rapid change in the number of people traveling, which plays a role in the spread of bed bugs. Bed bugs are hitchhiking bugs that get around by traveling through people’s luggage’s and bags through hotel rooms or homes from different locations. Once a bed bug has made it into someone’s luggage, they stay in there until the luggage is brought home and opened. Once they are free they roam to find the mattress of where the person sleeps and hides out until nighttime, where they come out and feed on human flesh. Bed bugs are attracted to human oxygen, so they can detect where you are because of your breathing, carbon dioxide. 

According to Livescience.com, bed bugs can lay more than 200 eggs in their lifecycle and must go through five immature stages before they reach their adult form. What many people don’t realize is that bed bugs can get out of control quickly if it isn’t taken care of quickly. When bed bugs lay eggs, many times people don’t even know that it has happened. These baby bed bugs are microscopic and oftentimes hard to see to the human eye. If you suspect that you have infestation going on, you should make sure that you contact pest control right away. Never wait to call pest control, because by the time you contact them, it may have gotten worse and out of control. You may be facing thousands and thousandths of newly born bed bugs that have been born and spread throughout the home. You can contact your nearest pest control company by doing an online search for: pest control manchester nh

Remember, never wait if you suspect an infestation. The longer you wait, the more your infestation gets out of control. You should never have to deal with unwelcome pests in your home.


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