Searching for a Certified Plumber 

Searching for a Certified Plumber 

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If you are like most homeowners there are issues that you alone can schedule and take care of as a homeowner. For example, two-three weeks ago I was speaking to a good friend whose sink wouldn’t drain. Not being a certified plumber they turned to me for a few suggestions. 

Plumbing is one of those professions which are vital but is filled with many people who present themselves as professionals but fail to meet service deadlines like professionals. I gave my friend an example. Say if you are looking for a plumber Howell Mi  who is certified and registered, carrying out a Google search with those terms would return a list of all those plumbers available to make service calls and be certified. 

Reasons to hire a Certified Plumber 

There are many reasons why it is important to hire a certified plumber over someone self-taught, but uncertified. First, plumbers harness ebb and flow of one of the most powerful resources you have throughout your home, water. Once your water supply breaks down in your home you are very restricted in what you can do. In the kitchen, you will be unable to cling, rinse and soak anything from dishes to meats or thawing vegetables and frozen foods. Moving on to hygiene in the washroom is just as important. Can you imagine returning home at the end of a sweaty and perspiring to Summer day without being able to turn on the water for a bath or shower? 

Efficient Energy Savers 

Modern plumbing has invented many energy efficient ways to save you money on your electric and service bills. Plumbers know how often kids or grownups leave water taps open and running and running up the electric and water bill. A certified and professional plumber is constantly abreast of these modern ways to save his clients money by presenting them with ways to reduce their energy bills with highly recommended gadgets. 

Of course, this is only a few of the many ways that plumbers can help any household by their service. If you are working for a business that is another scenario altogether. If you are a manager at a business of 10-100 employees and you have to hire someone to unstop a drain in the washrooms or employee lounge who do you call, profession and certified or self-taught and uncertified. Certified plumbers are a profession registered and licensed by the National Inspection Testing Certification (NTIC) Bureau, which tests and certifies all plumbers. Each plumber has to pay fees as well as meet specific standards to serve as a certified plumber.

On the other hand, the self-taught plumber needs to meet no requirement by officials other than himself. For example in Michigan, where my friend was looking for a plumber, every plumber is required to be licensed by the state of Michigan to carry on their profession. Working with a state-issued plumber license is against the law. Depending upon whether your state licenses a plumber for large or small contracts may mean they have or do not have insurance to cover damage done to your property.This is another reason to check who you are hiring to work on the plumbing of your home or business.

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