Keeping Your Pool Water Clean And Clear

Keeping Your Pool Water Clean And Clear

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If you own a pool, then you’re going to need to perform the necessary maintenance so that the water stays clean to swim in and so that the pool itself doesn’t deteriorate. It can be fun jumping into your pool on a hot day, but if some of these tips aren’t followed, then you might be waiting a day to two to get in the water so that the products used have time to clean the water. Keep in mind that you can always contact a pool company to offer assistance if you’re unsure of how much of the products to use or how to use the equipment to clean your pool. 

A pool maintenance bellevue wa company can set up a schedule with you so that you have the proper cleaning each month or every other week depending on how often you use the pool. In the meantime, you can use a few simple tools to skim the surface of the water to remove debris like leaves and twigs that could fall from trees or even insects and frogs. You should also scrub the sides of the pool to keep algae from building on the surface. If you notice anything growing on the sides of the pool, then you might need to clean the sides more often than once a week. Skimming should be done every day to prevent the water from getting too dirty. If there has been a storm in your area, then you need to skim the water and possibly shock the water as well as rainwater can sometimes change the pH balance. 

Examine your filter to ensure that it’s working properly and keeping all of the debris from the water. The filter is similar to your kidneys in your body. It keeps the dirt and other items removed and disposed of so that you don’t have to do as much intensive cleaning as long as the filter is working as it should. Check the baskets that are attached to the filter along with the pipes that are connected from the filter to the system. Make sure there are no blockages that would prevent water from backing up into the pool. Avoid turning the filter on and off too often because this can short out the system. It might seem like it would be easier to turn the filter off when checking all of the components, but you can usually look at each one separately without turning the filter off. 

Check the chemical levels in your pool. They need to stay maintained instead of dropping too low or getting too high. You can get test kits to determine where the water levels are at so that you know what kind of chemicals you should add. Once all of the chemicals are added, your pool water should be clear instead of cloudy. If it does have a cloudy appearance, then you need to check the pH levels again and possibly shock the pool to get it clear before swimming.

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