The Material Options Available To Homeowners For Outdoor Swimming Pools

The Material Options Available To Homeowners For Outdoor Swimming Pools

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Surprisingly enough the world’s first swimming pool was most likely installed in Pakistan around 3000 BC. They were subsequently built in both the Greek and Roman empires. It was in the 1st century BC that a heated swimming pool was built in Rome. Homeowners today have a number of types of pools that they can place in their backyards as illustrated in this article. The cheapest pool for a homeowner to install is an above-ground pool. These come in a kit and can be put together just using simple tools like a screwdriver. The big issue with these, though, is that their height means you can’t see inside from the ground. This means that children over the years have drowned in them as their parents couldn’t see they had entered the pool. 

In-ground pools are more expensive than above-ground pools but most people feel they are worth the additional expense. They don’t present as much of a safety hazard and are a more permanent solution. Fiberglass is the most popular material to use as it’s less expensive than most other options and can be custom molded. After the hole is dug out and plumbing is put in place by a pool contractor they will lower the fiberglass pool into place, backfill around it, and put in place a concrete deck around its exterior. The least expensive in-ground pool is one made of vinyl. The pool contractor will excavate the hole and then fill the bottom with sand. The vinyl is then laid over this and attached to the ground. These don’t last nearly as long as other types of pools and typically the vinyl liner needs to be replaced once every ten years. 

If the homeowner wants a very durable pool they can have a gunite one installed by a pool contractor. The contractor will install the plumbing and then spray into place a mix of cement and sand. After this mixture has cured they will put another layer on made of tiles, concrete paint, or plaster. Any pool construction annapolis md can be performed by several pool contractors in the area. There is also a few companies that can remove older swimming pools that are no longer desired. Most of the pool contractors in this area are family owned businesses that also provide maintenance services such as replacing pumps and filters and cleaning the pool on a regular basis. 

As this Wikipedia entry indicates it is vitally important to keep a swimming pool sanitized. A proper mix of chemicals must be used to keep the number of bacteria in the swimming pool at a low number. The chemicals also destroy algae and insect larvae which can also spread disease as bacteria does. Covering the pool when not in use will dramatically help to keep the heating costs down. Another benefit is that not as much chemicals need to be used in a covered pool as the hard barrier helps keep out bacteria and other contaminants. The cover prevents evaporation of the water in the pool which is the major way that the heat escapes.

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