Things To Consider Before Putting A Hot Tub In Your Backyard

Things To Consider Before Putting A Hot Tub In Your Backyard

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417 Magazine recently ran an article about why homeowners should consider buying a hot tub for their backyard. It’s a really nice luxury to have a hot tub to relax in whenever you want. They can even help you turn your backyard into a place to have a staycation. 

Before you dive into having a hot tub installed by a pool contractor you should do some homework first. The first step is finding out what your local building regulations have to say about them. You might need permits, or have it inspected after installation, and some local governments require that they are fenced off to prevent children drowning in them. 

You should also make sure having a hot tub fits your budget. Between the cost of the hot tub and the pool contractor’s labor, to have a hot tubs minneapolis mn installed it will run between $5,000 and $7,000 on average. Costs in other parts of the country are similar. You will also want to measure your backyard and make sure you have the room for a hot but. It’s also important to consider why you want one. If you want it for parties than you’ll need to install a bigger hot tub than if you just intend to relax in it alone or with your immediate family members. 

A pool contractor should install a hot tub as they are pretty tricky to put in place and have everything set up correctly. Most pool contractors are pretty responsive and will be able to do the work within just days of your buying one. After it’s set up the homeowner can usually manage the weekly maintenance. It takes about 15 minutes a week to make sure everything is operating properly. Three or four times a year there’s a bit more labor and time involved as you will want to empty the hot tub and refill it with new water. 

There are multiple ways to customize a hot tub. Some come with built-in speakers, for example, so you can enjoy music or listening to a game while sitting in your hot tub. Another widely popular accessory is a cover remover which makes it really easy to take the cover off and store it off to the side when the hot tub is in use. Another good addition is installing a handrail where the steps are so that people are safer entering and exiting the hot tub. 

Smart hot tubs are an Internet of Things device which allows you to control all of the settings remotely using an app on a mobile device. Caution should be used with this type of technology, though, as this illustrates. As it turns out, like any piece of technology, these can be hacked. 

A security firm in the United Kingdom determined that it is possible for hackers to take over a backyard smart hot tub. They can find out using public resource who owns a hot tub and then target them remotely. This would allow them to crank the heat up or turn it off, play around with the lights, and maliciously take over the operation of the jets and pumps.

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