Bad Storms Mean Big Business

Bad Storms Mean Big Business

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Storms roll through the Midwestern United States each spring, but also pass by with a vengeance in winter seasons. These storms often leave behind a trail of damage. High winds do an enormous amount of damage to roofs, eaves, windows, shutters, and siding. Design is an especially important factor because any tiny spot where air can penetrate is a weakness in the armor of your home. Unfinished edges, where a breeze can flow into, is a place where high winds can get underneath and lift off shutters, roofing materials, and even the siding right off the side of your house. 

As you might imagine, once the protective coating is lifted from any place of your home, it allows the elements to whistle into your home. Wind often brings rain or other moisture into walls and around windows. This cold air or warm air, depending on the season, will cause your utility bills to rise. Either your heat will work harder, or your air conditioning will stay on constantly. Either situation means a loss to your wallet. 

With the air entering your home, you’ll also have problems for allergy sufferers and you’ll have the potential for water damage in the walls of your home. Maintaining your home’s exterior, as you can see, is extremely important. If you are still in peak storm season, not repairing minor storm damage can quickly turn into devastating damage with the next storm that comes. You will want repairs done immediately. Contact your home owner’s insurance company and find out if this damage is going to be covered. It likely will. 

The next step is to seek out an assessment of exterior storm damage Blaine MN trusts with a license to do such work. Contractors will have to be licensed and certified by local ordinances that regulate by state, county, and city. Make sure that the person coming to evaluate your storm damage is with a company that has all the required paperwork from your municipality. This ensures that you’ll get quality repairs done. 

Your insurance company may send the companies to do estimates of the damage and they may take care of the hiring, but sometimes it is left up to you to get more than one estimate and then choose the contractor yourself. Therefore the first move your make should be to contact your local agent. Once that is out of the way, you will want to ensure that you are getting a warranty on new repairs being done and that your contract has experience doing these repairs. 

Sometimes it is great when your insurance company deals with this part of the process because they tend to have a relationship with local contractors in your area already. They are aware of who does good work, as quickly as possible. Some contractors specialize in doing insurance work because payment is guaranteed and all they must do is submit paperwork when the repair is complete. This means that they’ll hustle to get the job done. Ask questions, understand the process, and most of all make sure that you get that work done as soon as you can.


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