Common Signs Of Roof Damage

Common Signs Of Roof Damage

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One important part of any house is the roof. Without the roof, you would be subject to the elements outside, including rain or hail. The roof is also one of the items that homeowners often overlock until something goes wrong. Here are some signs to show you when its time to repair your roof. If any of these signs look familiar to you, then look up roof repair minneapolis mn, to find the nearest repairman. 

Worn Down Shingles 

There are many signs that the shingles on your roof need replacing. If the shingles look curled or creaked, they are ready to be replaced. Another sign that it is time to replace your shingles is if you notice a lot of granules in the storm drain. If the shingles are wet or dark, they are letting moisture underneath them. The shingles are worn and not during there job anymore. 

Holes Or Tears In The Roof 

Sometimes holes in the roof are harder to notice than you would think. If your heating or cooling bill is higher than expected the roof could be the culprit. Other subtle signs that the roof is in disrepair is if you notice stains on the roof or walls. The cause of the stains may be moister coming in from the underlayment of the roof. Moister getting in through the roof can also cause blistering and wearing of the exterior paint, and sagging of the roof deck. A more subtle sign is seeing light coming in from the attic. The points of light are also tears in your roof. 

Openings In The Roof 

The place that may deteriorate faster is the place where the roof is open. It includes things like chimneys, pipes, and vents that come out through the roof. These areas should be checked routinely for damage. Stopping the problem here could save you from having to have a whole roof repair later. 

Storms Or Bad Weather 

During a storm, it is easy to see if the roof is in bad repair as the water comes in through the cracks into your room or attic. Hail can cause damage to the roof, by hitting it. Wind can cause damage not only by ripping shingles and tearing the roof apart but also by any debris the wind is carrying. Heavy rain can overflow the gutters causing damage to the joints between the wall and the roof. It is always important to inspect your roof after a big storm. 


Another problem that could cause roof problems is animals. Animals can tear apart shingles and roofing to find food and shelter. Some animals that can cause harm to your roof are squirrels, raccoons, rats, and woodpeckers. One way to help solve this problem is to restrict their access to the roof. Clear away all tree limbs that could be giving the animals access. It also helps keep limbs from damaging the roof in a storm later. It is important to keep an eye on the roof to save money on expensive roof repairs later. The sooner you find roof issues, the more likely you can fix them before it gets too bad.


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