Hail Damaged Roofs And The Cure

Hail Damaged Roofs And The Cure

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Roofs are not to be taken for granted. They shield us from the cruelty of nature and the storms that it brings along with it. It is largely what helps people sleep soundly no matter how windy or how rainy it gets. Sometimes though a Hail Roof Repair boulder co is needed because damage accrues on the very roofs that protect us from harsh conditions. These roofers put in the hard work of repairing houses so that life becomes simple again. It is a curious thing to wonder about how roofs are repaired and what the history of roofs are in the first place. It is also interesting to learn more about what exactly happens when hail for instance damages the roof tops of our citizens. These are the subjects which will be discussed in the following paragraphs. These are the microscopic perspectives we will be exploring and delving into within this article. 

How does hail damage roofs? According to sources of information there are specific events that happen when roof damage is incurred. These are important because without identifying the problem there would not be a clearer picture of how roofers would solve that problem. One thing that happens to roofs when enduring hail is the granulation comes off which accelerates the aging process the roofs go through. The tell tale sign of a loss of granulation is when it is bunched up in the gutter because when it is washed off by the hail it trickles down to the thing that catches it which is the gutter. On top of the accelerated aging process the shingles go through during a hail storm, they also dry out and form cracked surfaces because of the hard impact that happens when hail beats against the roofs. Underneath the shingles lies the fiberglass which can get exposed to more damage due to the already cracked, dried, and shattered shingles during a hail storm. In a worse case scenario the shingles are damaged and so is the fiber glass underneath. 

So how do roofers fix that? Some say the first thing roofers do when damage occurs is to visually check out the roof tops generally to look for anything broken or shattered. This could be done with out a ladder because to climb on top of a roof after a hail storm puts the roofer in danger due to the slippery surface created by the elements. Using the proper techniques roofers will typically lay down felt paper and replace the shingles that were damaged during the hail storm. They make sure the shingles are overlapping one another and that afterwards the excess protruding parts of the roof are trimmed down. This is after cleaning up the debris cause by the hail itself. If the fiberglass is damaged the whole roof needs to be replaced because without a strong underbelly of the roof it would be pointless to just focus on the shingles. 

Roofers come from way back. From the roofing of one hundred B.C. to these modern times roofers will always be on the lookout to repair roofs. Roofs that have been damaged by the forces of nature have hope.


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