Most Common Types of Residential Roofing

Most Common Types of Residential Roofing

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Roofing is defined as the process or job of putting material like shingles, tiles, and slates on roofs of new buildings. It also involves repairing of damaged roofs as recorded in the Cambridge dictionary. Roofing is a very important aspect of building and construction, and it should be done right to avoid mistakes that may cause leakages, which makes homeowners to incur extra costs in repairing it, as explained in the Extremehowto Website.


Selecting the correct type of roof for new houses or retrofitting is a challenging task. This is because there are a variety of methods to choose from. It is difficult for people to decide on the type of roof they would prefer for their houses. Having access to any quality roofing contractor san antonio tx will help you in doing the roofing job correctly. Below are some of the most commonly used methods of roofing:


The first type is the use of asphalt shingles. This is the commonly used type of roofing because asphalt shingles are not only economical but easy to install. They are also durable and relatively cheap. Other benefits of using asphalt shingles include their availability in a variety of styles and colors and suitability for varied temperature ranges. They also provide dependable waterproofing.


The second method involves the use of ceramic roofing tiles. Tiles are generally fireproof and resistant to fading. Quality tiles may last up to 70 years. They are most commonly used in homes that have Spanish architecture elements. The tiles are hanged in overlapping parallel rows to keep out water from the rain. The main disadvantages of tiles are that they are unsuitable in areas with fluctuating weather and they are also fragile if exposed to high winds.


Thirdly, roofers use slate roof shingles. This is a sophisticated roofing material mostly used in upscale homes. Using this roofing material comes with many advantages like ease of maintenance, fire resistance, an expected life span of over 100 years and immunity to rot. It also comes in different styles and colors. Their main disadvantages include the high cost of purchase and installation and the high degree of expertise required for installation.


The fourth method of roofing is the use of cedar shingles and wood shakes. This is a reliable method because it can be used in any climate. The ideal weather for this type of roofing is sunny and hot weather because this material resists ultraviolet damage. They can endure harsh weather conditions hence useful in areas experiencing hurricanes and thunderstorms. Their main disadvantages include the high cost of installation and the expertise required.


Lastly, roofers use metal roofing. This is becoming a common method because metal shingles require minimal maintenance, they are lightweight, and they are friendly to the environment. The main disadvantage is the tricky installation which demands a contractor with a lot of experience in the installation of such roofs.


Choosing a type of roof can be a difficult task. It requires homeowners to ask for professional advice before settling on a type of roof. There are many factors to consider like, cost of installation, the type of climate, expertise needed in the installation and many other considerations. These factors inform the choice of a roof type in residential homes.

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