Pros And Cons Of Five Most Common Replacement Windows

Pros And Cons Of Five Most Common Replacement Windows

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When it comes to replacement windows, a lot of factors are needed to be considered in order to make the best choice. Different kind of windows has different effects on heat retention, air circulation, and the aesthetics of the house. Each kind of replacement window has its own weakness and strength.

  1. Double-Hung Windows 

Double Hung Windows are probably one of the most popular replacement windows in the US. A lot of sizes are available, the window is easy to operate and clean, and last but not least, it can double paned or triple paned for customization. Triple-paned windows are energy efficient and are more weather resistant than double-paned ones. However, double-hung windows, especially the triple-paned ones, is more expensive to construct and requires more materials. It is used for retaining heat, but only half of the windows area can be used for ventilation.

  1. Casement Windows

What makes casement windows popular is because of its modern yet warm look. A handle is used in order to open or close the window, which makes it more secure from outside because it cannot be easily opened. This window is very idea for a cincinnati window installation because of its excellent ventilation and insulation for warm and cold climates. For easier access from the inside, there is a tensioner knob style that is adjustable. However, one of its main problems is the cost of the installation as well as the size of the window. It is typically more expensive than double hung windows. Casement windows cannot have a very wide area, but it can be remedied by putting multiple casement windows side by side.

  1. Jalousie Windows 

Jalousie windows are typically used with glass panels, but aluminum panels are also available for those who like to use durable materials. This is the perfect type of replacement window for people who likes a better airflow. It also cost way cheaper than most type of windows.

One of its biggest cons is that because the materials are made with panels, water leakage is expected when there are heavy rain and wind. In addition, this window is not winter-friendly because it cannot retain heat.

  1. Picture Windows

Picture windows are for those people who want to see the outside world while inside their own homes. It can be made with vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and wood and is excellent for weatherproofing because of the lack of gaps. It is also very affordable because of less mechanical parts and can be combined with another type of windows. However, unlike Jalousie windows, picture windows lack ventilation because of its no-gap nature. This type of windows is also not good for escaping when there is fire or other emergencies.

  1. Sliding Windows

What makes sliding windows a popular option because of its simple design. Unlike windows with mechanical parts, sliding windows only operates with simple mechanics that are less likely to break and can last longer. It is easy to clean and needs less maintenance. Its aesthetic effect also makes a short wall taller.

One of the disadvantages includes more difficulty in weatherproofing. The gaps need to be sealed are around the slides themselves, which, if done, renders the sliding function useless.

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