Why Do People Consider Casement Windows?

Why Do People Consider Casement Windows?

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According to Wikipediaa casement is a window that is attached to its frame by one or more hinges at the side. These windows can also get hinged at the top, so the window cranks out or hinged at the sides so that the window opens up completely. There are as many varieties of openings and hinge styles as there are rooms that need windows.

Why would people consider a casement window rather than a good old-fashion sash window? Well, in the first place, casement windows are not as modern as most people think. These outward cranking, hinged windows were very popular in the Tudor period. That’s right, from 1485-1603. Plus, hinged casement windows open further than a sash window, allowing better airflow. Many people think these are called casement windows because they are vinyl-cased. Whereas many high-quality casement windows are, the term and the window style has been around much longer than vinyl.

The Advantages of Casement over Sash Windows

Casement windows are generally more energy-efficient than their sliding sash brothers, primarily because the casement window seals tight against the window frame. Sash windows need to be loose so that it can open and close. Another advantage is that it seals tight against the frame, which makes it more difficult to pry open.This year, more people will install casement windows Cincinnati OH residents, prefer casement windows over sash windows, as do many cities in the north, due to its energy-efficiency and ease of installation. Also, these windows are much easier to open and close for elderly homeowners because they can wind it out with a locking handle, rather than lifting the window.

Customized Casement Windows with Elegant Decorative Handles

Laura Gaskill, a Houzz contributor, wrote an article for Forbes detailing the many innovative possibilities of casement windows. One of the styles featured there is a window that is tree framed. This style would look fabulous in a log home. Another breathtaking design in the article was a garage door with glass panels, which would work phenomenally well in a big city loft, like Cincinnati or Columbus, OH.

What’s nice about casement windows is they can be customized to fit just about any space. The windows lock using a lever handle, so you can have these windows swing to the left, ask for an FCL window, or one that swings to the right, which is an FCR. Also, in windy cities like Chicago, you could have the window swing in, so it is not subject to blow off the hinges due to the high winds.

Of course, the handles and cranks can get customized as well. Imagine your home with brass doorknobs, lighting fixtures, lamps, and hanging lights, maybe in the dining room. In the kitchen, match the handles in matte black to give your kitchen a rustic look with stunning white walls and cabinets, black and white floors and backsplash, and a matte black range hood. As they say, “The sky’s the limit!” When you customize and install energy efficient casement windows in your home or urban loft.


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